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Die benutting van diergefasiliteerde spelterapie met die leerder met outisme

By Elsie Sophia Rinquest

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The aim with this research is to present children with autism an alternative method through animal assisted therapy to communicate and socialize. Since children with autism cannot be guided to mastery of full maturity by means of the ordinary education system, separate provision of highly specialized fomative and formal education is essential. Autism prevents a child from reaching out to the world and other people. Autism implies a lack of communication with others and entails a disturbed dialogue with the world. This is revealed by the strange and odd behaviour of the child with autism. The aim of this research is to use animal assited therapy to bridge the gap between numerous problems experienced by the child with autism ascribed to his inadequate affective life, inablitity to form relationships with others, his language, speech and communication problems and poor sensory integration.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2009
Pages 125
Department Social Work
Degree M. Diac (Play Therapy)
Language English
University University of South Africa
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