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Dogs consciously experience emotions: The question is, which?.

By Ralph Adolphs

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I discuss three themes related to Kujala’s target article. First, the wealth of emerging data on cognitive studies in dogs will surely show that dogs have a very rich repertoire of cognitive processes, for most of which we find homologues in humans. Second, understanding the internal states that mediate social behaviors, such as emotions, requires us to consider both a dog’s behaviors with other dogs, and the emergence of new behavioral patterns in interaction with humans. Third, all of this will certainly narrow the range of justifications for denying that dogs have subjective experiences of emotions.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2017
Publication Title Animal Sentience
Volume 2
Issue 14
Pages 4
DOI 10.51291/2377-7478.1213
Language English
Additional Language English
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