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Turning science into policy: The case of farm animal welfare in Canada

By David Fraser

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Development of farm animal welfare standards in Canada has evolved significantly over 35 yr in terms of process, leadership, and the role of science.

Key elements of the current process include:

1) influential producers and producer organizations that see the benefit of having science-informed standards,

2) a credible coordinating body to ensure that a well-defined process is followed in developing standards, and

3) trusted scientists who are engaged in relevant research and willing to participate.

The process benefits from having a distinct and defined role for the scientists, specifically to analyze relevant science and identify conclusions that are scientifically justified.

Active participation of the retail sector may prove important for ensuring compliance.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2015
Publication Title Animal Frontiers
Volume 5
Issue 3
Pages 5
Publisher Oxford Academic
DOI 10.2527/af.2015-0027
Language English
Additional Language English
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