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Reliability of internet information on bite behavior of domestic dogs

By K. Ito, Y. Shiga, M. Tanaka, A. Matsuura, M. Irimajiri

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Many dog owners who are dealing with behavioral problems in their dog look for solutions on the internet. However, the quality of the information available online has not yet been assessed. Therefore, in this study, we comprehensively collected information available online on behavior improvement training for biting dogs and evaluated its reliability and quality, in consideration of animal welfare. We found that the currently available online resources present low-quality information. The word "fear" was frequently used and co-occurred strongly with words such as "master-slave relationship" and "pain." Instead of being influenced by low-quality information sourced online, dog owners need to understand the concept of animal welfare and what kind of information is reliable. In conjunction, website operators must provide scientifically accurate information. We further suggest that veterinary medical associations and veterinary professionals take the lead in making such information widely available.

Publication Title Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association
Volume 75
Issue 2
Pages e36-e45
ISBN/ISSN 0446-6454
DOI 10.12935/jvma.75.e36
Author Address Department of Animal Science, School of Veterinary Medicine, Kitasato University, Japan.
Additional Language English
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