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Assessment of sheep welfare using on-farm registrations and performance data

By S. M. Stubsjoen, L. Hektoen, P. S. Valle, A. M. Janczak, A. J. Zanella

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Farm animal welfare is a societal concern, and the need exists for scientific protocols to assess welfare. This paper describes the development of a protocol to assess the welfare of sheep (Ovis aries) and its application in 36 farms in Norway. There were two parts to the protocol; the animal- and resource-based measurements obtained during farm visits, and the analysis of production data. Data collection took place during visits to 36 farms in the lambing season (April-May) in 2007 (n=11) and 2008 (n=25). A fear test was conducted, and ewes were scored on a scale from 0 to 3. Forty-one percent of the ewes tested had a fear score of 3, indicating the lowest level of fear. Mean (+or-SD) fear score across farms were 1.9 (+or-0.5). Higher fearfulness was found to be associated with lower ewe body condition scores (BCS). Mean (+or-SD) BCS across farms was 2.6 (+or-0.6). A relatively large proportion of the ewes had a BCS of 2 (41%), which may be associated with an increased risk of nutritional stress, disease and low productivity. Eight farms had more than 5% (range 5.4-24.4

Date 2011
Publication Title Animal Welfare
Volume 20
Issue 2
Pages 239-251
ISBN/ISSN 0962-7286
Language English
Author Address Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences, PO Box 8146 Dep, NO-0033 Oslo, Norway.
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