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Exploring Collaborations between Veterinarians & Rescues/Shelters

By Jacquie Cobb

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A survey of private practice veterinarians in the Chicago area was conducted in an effort to pinpoint what constitutes a positive relationship between a veterinarian and a rescue group or shelter. The following research questions guided this project: From the perspective of veterinarians, what is the nature of collaboration between private veterinarians and animal rescues? What are the reasons for these relationships? What is the perceived value of these relationships according to veterinarians? The survey was sent to 50 private practice veterinarians in the Chicago area and received twelve responses, followed by two face-to-face interviews of survey participants. The data revealed that there are both perceived benefits and detriments to collaborating with rescue groups, but overall the consensus was that the collaboration was a net positive when set up properly. The author describes how to set up a successful veterinarian/rescue group collaboration.    


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2016
Pages 36
Language English
University Humane Society University
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