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Applied cognition research to improve sheep welfare

By Kristina Horback

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If a change is going to occur in the care and management of domestic sheep, there needs to be a collaborative effort across many disciplines. This review by Marino & Merskin of the literature on cognitive processing in domestic sheep is limited by the inherent bias of the authors, including the impracticable goal of eliminating sheep production. Animal welfare concerns about the management of commercial sheep are valid; however, in order to make a difference, we need to develop an application for this knowledge about cognitive abilities in sheep.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2019
Publication Title Animal Sentience
Volume 4
Issue 25
Pages 5
ISBN/ISSN 2377-7478
DOI 10.51291/2377-7478.1453
URL https://www.wellbeingintlstudiesrepository.org/animsent/vol4/iss25/18/
Language English
Additional Language English
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