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Jealousy, competition, or a contextual cue for reward?.

By Thomas R. Zentall

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Emotions are difficult to assess, even in humans. The attribution of jealousy in an animal like a dog is especially difficult because performance of a particular behavior in the context of another animal receiving a reward may not be easily distinguishable from intra-species competition or simply a response to a contextual cue for the availability of reward. The authors provide distinguishing evidence in the form of fMRI data to show that in the presence of a “fake” dog being fed, there is bilateral activation in the amygdala, an area associated with anxiety, anger, fear, and even jealousy in humans.


Marcy Wilhelm-South

Purdue University

Date 2018
Publication Title Animal Sentience
Volume 22
Issue 4
Pages 4
DOI 10.51291/2377-7478.1331
Language English
Additional Language English
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