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Including animals in sociology

By Y. Koop-Monteiro

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How do we include animals in sociology? Although sociology's initial avoidance of the nonhuman world may have been necessary to the field's development, recent scholarship - within mainstream sociology, environmental sociology and animal-centred research - is helping expand the field's horizons. With a focus on variety, this article reviews four key paths that researchers are taking to include animals in their research: (1) studying interspecies relations, (2) theorizing animals as an oppressed group, (3) investigating the social and ecological impacts of animal agriculture and (4) analysing social-ecological networks. This review shows how applying - and innovating - existing social theories and research methods allows researchers to include animals in their analyses and will be relevant to a variety of scholars, including mainstream and environmental sociologists, animal-focused researchers and social network analysts, to name a few.

Publication Title Curr Sociol
Volume 71
Issue 6
Pages 1141-1158
ISBN/ISSN 0011-3921 (Print)0011-3921
DOI 10.1177/00113921211065492
Author Address The University of British Columbia, Canada.
Additional Language English
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