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Attitudes and actions of West Indian dog owners towards neutering their animals: a gender issue?

By W. J. Fielding, D. Samuels, J. Mather

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A study of the attitudes and actions of 281 dog owners towards neutering their animals is reported from New Providence, The Bahamas, based on a study conducted in 2001. Owner attitudes towards neutering are associated with different sterilization rates of dogs. While owners' gender is associated with differences in attitudes, these differences are not necessarily associated with owner behaviour with respect to neutering their animals. Men, more than women, want to have animals for long-term breeding. No evidence is found to support the belief that men are less likely to neuter their dogs than women, but younger owners are less likely than older owners to neuter their dogs. A comparison with a study from Australia suggests that Bahamians are more likely to project human traits on to their animals and so appear more reluctant to have their dogs neutered.

Date 2002
Publication Title Anthrozoos
Volume 15
Issue 3
Pages 206-226
ISBN/ISSN 0892-7936
Language English
Author Address The Research Unit, The College of the Bahamas, Oakes Field, PO Box N-4912, Nassau,
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