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Pet therapy effects on oncological day hospital patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment

By M. Orlandi, K. Trangeled, A. Mambrini, M. Tagliani, A. Ferrarini, L. Zanetti, R. Tartarini, P. Pacetti, M. Cantore

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Background: Pet therapy is utilised to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases. The impact of AAA (animal-assisted activities), a kind of pet therapy, on oncological patients submitted to chemotherapy was evaluated. Patients and Methods: Two groups of patients receiving chemotherapy with (experimental group) or without AAA (control group) were compared. The 2 participating dogs have been trained by a cynophilist behaviourist and examined by a veterinarian. Before and after chemotherapy both groups of patients were asked to fill out a A.De.Ss.O. test questionnaire, a simplified Italian version of Kellner's Symptom Questionnaire. Arterial blood pressure, heart rate and arterial oxygen saturation were recorded. Results: Depression improved only in the AAA group (p=0.01). Arterial oxygen saturation increased in the experimental group (p=0.004), while it decreased in the controls. Conclusion: AAA during chemotherapy reduces depression of patients and increases their arterial oxygen saturation.

Date 2007
Publication Title Anticancer Research
Volume 27
Issue 6C
Pages 4301-4304
ISBN/ISSN 0250-7005
Author Address Department of Oncology, Carrara City Hospital, piazza Sacco e Vanzetti, 54033 Carrara,
Additional Language English
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