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  1. Research on the Purchase Intention of Pet Products - A Comparison Study between Malaysia and Taiwan

    Full-text: Available

    Conference Papers | Contributor(s): Hsiao-Chun Wu, Zui- Chih Lee, Reei-Jing Hung, Yueh-Chin Chen, Ai-Ying Kwek

    The pet industry market in the whole world is developing in these recent years. However, the phenomenon of declining birthrate has getting more serious as well as the stress at work causes human being to draw spiritual sustenance from keeping pets as companion. Especially for the metro area,...

  2. Hayvan refahına ilişkin tüketici algı ve tutumu

    Full-text: Available

    Theses | Contributor(s): Özlem GÖKMEN TÜFENK

    Bu araştırmada, tüketicilerin hayvan refahına yönelik algı ve tutumunun belirlenmesi ve tüketicilerin bazı özellikleri ile hayvan refahı algı ve tutumu arasındaki ilişkilerin incelenmesi amaçlanmıştır. Araştırmanın amacı kendilerine açıklandıktan sonra kabul...

  3. The Effects of Urbanization on Performance, Habitat Selection, and Persistence of Anolis Lizards

    Full-text: Available

    Theses | Contributor(s): Andrew Clark Battles

    Urbanization is a global change phenomenon that is increasing in frequency and magnitude worldwide. As a greater proportion of the human population resides in urban areas, cities must grow, therefore exposing an increasing number of species to human-modified habitat. While some species become...

  4. Shattering Dietary Taboos in Post-Pandemic Era: Human-Animal Interaction in J. M. Coetzee's Elizabeth Costello

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Baturay Erdal

    Many conspiracy theories and worst-case scenarios have been produced about the COVID-19 pandemic. With a reductionist approach, this new coronavirus disease outbreak has been regrettably confined to the simple matter that humans are exposed to viral pathogens of certain wild animals. However,...

  5. Zoonotic causes of febrile illness in malaria endemic countries: a systematic review

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Jo E B Halliday, Manuela Carugati, Michael E Snavely, Kathryn J Allan, Julia Beamesderfer, Georgia A F Ladbury, Deborah V Hoyle, Paul Holland, John A Crump, Sarah Cleaveland, Matthew P Rubach

    Fever is one of the most common reasons for seeking health care globally and most human pathogens are zoonotic. We conducted a systematic review to describe the occurrence and distribution of zoonotic causes of human febrile illness reported in malaria endemic countries. We included data from...

  6. H.O.P.E.-full Pastures

    Full-text: Available


    H.O.P.E.-full Pastures is an Ohio (501c3) non-profit corporation established and founded in 2020.  Located in Hamilton, OH, just under 6 acres, the Carrero's had prayed for such a property for about 10 years before purchasing the farm in 2014. At H.O.P.E.-full Pastures, we strive to...

  7. Dogs2DogTags

    Full-text: Available


    D2DT creates an opportunity to save at risk, rescued, or donated dogs, train them, and place them with deserving service members who have been diagnosed with post combat stress and anxiety. The purpose is to provide the veteran, at no cost, a trained dog that they can gain a constant companion...

  8. Can Dogs Help Solve Our Childhood Obesity Problem?

    Full-text: Available

    Soft Literature | Contributor(s): Harold Herzog

    New studies show how dogs impact the weight and activity levels of kids.

  9. Search methods that people use to find owners of lost pets

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lord, L. K., Wittum, T. E., Ferketich, A. K., Funk, J. A., Rajala-Schultz, P. J.

  10. Advising clients on toxoplasmosis

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Wright, I.

  11. Supporting four-month-old neutering of client-owned cats

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): McDonald, J., Clements, J.

    2022Veterinary Times521514-151352-9374text

  12. Indoor life for outdoor animals-reducing stress for small furries

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Chitty, J.

    2022Veterinary Times52154-4, 61352-9374text

  13. An overview of dog training and behaviour

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Todd, Z.

    2022Veterinary Ireland Journal126320-3242009-3942Englishtext

  14. Love pets, love their owners? - the transmission effect of consumers' warmth perception of pet images on B & B

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Zou, Rong, Cai, JiaJing, Wang, Ao

  15. Managing Our Relationship with Free-Roaming Cats in Zoopoland

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Schaffner, Joan E.

  16. Confluence and Implications of Cats, Coyotes, and Other Mesopredators at a Feral Cat Feeding Station

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Mitchell, Numi C., Strohbach, Michael W., Sorlien, Mariel N., Marshall, Scott N.

  17. Outdoor Cats: An Introduction

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lynn, William S., Santiago-Ávila, Francisco J., Stewart, Kristin L.

  18. Outdoor Cats: Science, Ethics, and Politics

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lynn, William S., Santiago-Ávila, Francisco J.

  19. Applying One Health to Free-Roaming Cats

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lindenmayer, Joann M., Bays, Danielle Jo, Pesek, Julia

  20. Consider the (Feral) Cat: Ferality, Biopower, and the Ethics of Predation

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Holm, Nicholas