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  1. New perspectives on human-animal interactions : theory, policy and research

    Contributor(s): Knight, Sarah, Herzog, Harold A.

  2. The link between animal abuse and human violence

    Contributor(s): Linzey, Andrew

  3. Brutal : manhood and the exploitation of animals

    Contributor(s): Luke, Brian

  4. Humans and other animals

    Contributor(s): Mack, Arien

  5. Reading zoos : representations of animals and captivity

    Contributor(s): Malamud, Randy

  6. Poetic animals and animal souls

    Contributor(s): Malamud, Randy

  7. The power of wagging tails : a doctor's guide to dog therapy and healing

    Contributor(s): Marcus, Dawn A.

  8. Animal pragmatism: rethinking human-nonhuman relationships

    Contributor(s): McKenna, Erin, Light, Andrew

  9. Compassionate beasts : the quest for animal rights

    Contributor(s): Munro, Lyle

  10. Confronting cruelty : moral orthodoxy and the challenge of the animal rights movement

    Contributor(s): Munro, Lyle

  11. Pets and our mental health : the why, the what, and the how

    Contributor(s): Odendaal, Johannes

  12. Animals in schools : processes and strategies in human-animal education

    Contributor(s): Pedersen, Helena

  13. The unheeded cry : animal consciousness, animal pain, and science

    Contributor(s): Rollin, Bernard E.

  14. An introduction to veterinary medical ethics : theory and cases

    Contributor(s): Rollin, Bernard E.

  15. Pets and the family

    Contributor(s): Sussman, Marvin B.

  16. Animals, disease, and human society : human-animal relations and the rise of veterinary medicine

    Contributor(s): Swabe, Joanna

  17. Veterinary ethics

    Contributor(s): Tannenbaum, Jerrold

  18. Animals as biotechnology: ethics, sustainability and critical animal studies

    Contributor(s): Twine, Richard

  19. Animal encounters

    Contributor(s): Tyler, Tom, Rossini, Manuela

  20. Elephants and ethics : toward a morality of coexistence

    Contributor(s): Wemmer, Christen M., Christen, Catherine A.