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  1. Five drops of blood: Murder in the cat protection society

    Contributor(s): Paul Wilson, Dianne McInnes

  2. test

  3. Made For Each Other, The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond

    Contributor(s): Olmert, Meg Daley

  4. The Frankenstein syndrome : ethical and social issues in the genetic engineering of animals

    Contributor(s): Rollin, Bernard E.

  5. An introduction to veterinary medical ethics: theory and cases

    Contributor(s): Rollin, B. E.

  6. The teaching of responsibility

    Contributor(s): Rollin, Bernard E.

  7. Animal rights & human morality

    Contributor(s): Rollin, Bernard E.

  8. The unheeded cry: animal consciousness, animal pain, and science

    Contributor(s): Rollin, B. E.

  9. Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine considered

    Contributor(s): Ramey, David W., Rollin, Bernard E.

  10. Intuitive immunology for veterinary medicine

    Contributor(s): Deitemeyer, Kent, Rollin, Bernard E.

  11. Animal rights & human morality

    Contributor(s): Rollin, Bernard E.

  12. Jui rinri nyumon : Riron to jissen

    Contributor(s): Rollin, Bernard E., Takeuchi, Kazuyo, Hamana, Katsumi

  13. Evaluation of awarded grant applications involving animal experimentation

    Contributor(s): Fox, Michael W., Ward, M. A., Rowan, A. N., Jaffe, B.

  14. Alternatives to laboratory animals : definition and discussion

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N.

  15. The Use of alternatives in drug research

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N., Stratmann, Carl J.

  16. Of mice, models, and men : a critical evaluation of animal research

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N.

  17. Proceedings of the first New England Conference on Animals and Society

    Contributor(s): Rowan, A. N.

  18. Animal management and population control, what progess have we made? : evaluations of animal population problems and their solutions by ten regional animal control and humane society shelters

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N., Wilson, Alexandra K.

  19. Dog aggression and the pit bull terrier : proceedings

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N.

  20. Summary proceedings of a workshop on the care and husbandry of captive chimpanzees

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N. Moore Deborah E.