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  1. The animal research controversy : protest, process & public policy : an analysis of strategic issues

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N., Loew, Franklin M., Weer, Joan C.

  2. Living with wildlife : the biology and sociology of suburban deer and beaver

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N., Weer, Joan C., Pease, Donna

  3. Companion animal demographics for communities and shelters

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N., Patronek, Gary J.

  4. Farm animal welfare : the focus of animal protection in the USA in the 21st century

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N., O'Brien, Heidi, Thayer, Lori, Patronek, Gary J.

  5. Great apes & humans : the ethics of coexistence

    Contributor(s): Beck, Benjamin B., Stoinski, T. S., Hutchins, M., Maple, T. L., Norton, B., Rowan, A. N., Stevens, E. F., Arluke, A.

  6. The state of the animals, 2001

    Contributor(s): Salem, Deborah J., Rowan, Andrew N.

  7. The state of the animals II, 2003

    Contributor(s): Salem, Deborah J., Rowan, Andrew N.

  8. The state of the animals III, 2005

    Contributor(s): Salem, Deborah J., Rowan, Andrew N.

  9. The state of the animals IV, 2007

    Contributor(s): Salem, Deborah J., Rowan, Andrew N.

  10. Human-animal Interaction: Impacting Multiple Species : October 20-25, 2009, Kansas City, MO, USA : Proceedings : International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) 19th Annual Conference, Oct. 20-23, 2009 : Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction (R

    Contributor(s): Johnson, Rebecca, Beck, Alan

  11. The Cultural Construction of the Shelter Pet Foreword

    Contributor(s): Beck, Alan M.

  12. The veterinarian's guide to pet loss: Preventing the preventable, preventing the inevitable, grieving without regrets

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s): Myrna Milani

    For veterinarians and other animal-caregivers as well as the animals' owners , the loss of a pet by any means can be even more painful in today's more complex and stressful world. Veterinarian Myrna Milani uses her 35+ years of experience in animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond to...

  13. A loss for words: Remembering animals loved and lost

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s): Myrna Milani

    Veterinarian Myrna Milani knows that no one is immune to the pain of pet loss. In A Loss for Words she shares her personal experiences with loss to help you through the grieving process.In additional to her behavioral/bond practice, Dr. Milani has written numerous articles, seven books, and...

  14. Social Creatures

    Contributor(s): Flynn, Clifton

  15. The Significance of Children and Animals: Social Development and our Connections to other Species

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Gene Myers, Alan M. Beck (editor)

    What role does an animal play in a child's developing sense of self? Are children and animals interacting in ways no longer recognizable to adults? Children and Animals addresses these and other intriguing questions by revealing the interconnected lives of the inhabitants of the preschool...

  16. Property, people, or pets?

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Fiery Cushman, Marc D. Hauser, Matt Kamen, Alan M. Beck (editor)

    A child can't be owned, but parents are legally responsible for their child's care. A painting and a dog can be owned; both fall under the jurisdiction of the law and in particular, property rights. But why should a dog, man's best friend, an animal with a mind and emotions, fall...

  17. The International Handbook of Animal Abuse and Cruelty: Theory, Research, and Application

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Frank R. Ascione

    Animal abuse as a predictor of abuse against humans has been documented extensively. Society TMs ever-rising violence has prompted experts to ask what alternatives are available to identify the early signs and stop the cycle. The International Handbook of Animal Abuse and Cruelty: Theory,...

  18. Child abuse, domestic violence and animal abuse

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Frank R. Ascione, Phil Arkow (editor)

    The professional communities of psychologists and child welfare specialists to a deeper, higher and more encompassing awareness and understanding of the crucial linking of caring for animals and children in human experience. The combination of careful research, documentation, and compelling...

  19. The Ecology of Stray Dogs: A Study of Free-Ranging Urban Animals

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Alan M. Beck

    The book should also be of considerable interest to all ecologists, behavorists, and biologists."-Choice"This is a unique book in which the ecologist's methods are applied to understanding and possibly solving one of our urban problems."-Library Journal"This fascinating...

  20. The Sacrifice: How Scientific Experiments Transform Animals and People

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Lynda Birke, Arnold Arluke, Mike Michael, Alan M. Beck

    The Sacrifice provides a uniquely detailed account of the sociological context of animal experimentation. The authors provide a rich analysis of complex and changing role of the laboratory animal in the political and scientific culture of the United States and the United Kingdom. By...