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  1. Crossing the Rubicon : celebrating the human-animal bond in life and death

    Contributor(s): Kaufman, Julie

  2. Therapy has gone to the dogs : the therapist's guide to animal assisted therapy

    Contributor(s): Kelsey, Susan

  3. Zoo and Aquarium History: Ancient Animal Collections to Zoological Gardens

    Contributor(s): Kisling, Vernon N.

  4. Animals in the ancient world from A to Z

    Contributor(s): Kitchell, Kenneth F., Jr.

  5. Tiere als Freunde im Mittelalter eine Anthologie

    Contributor(s): Kompatscher, Gabriela

  6. K9 commando : police and army dogs from New York to Berlin

    Contributor(s): Kovacs, Violetta

  7. Connecting with grieving clients : supportive communication for 14 common situations

    Contributor(s): Lagoni, Laurel, Durrance, Dana

  8. The Horse in West African History: The Role of the Horse in the Societies of Pre-Colonial West Africa

    Contributor(s): Law, Robin

  9. The Royal Horse and Rider: Painting, Sculpture, and Horsemanship, 1500-1800

    Contributor(s): Liedtke, Walter

  10. The healing touch of horses : true stories of courage, hope, and the transformative power of the human/equine bond

    Contributor(s): Llewellyn, A. Bronwyn

  11. Pet Assisted Play Therapy (PAPT) : the theory and dynamics of PAPT ... your pet assistant can be much more than a friendly visitor

    Contributor(s): Martin, Bonnie

  12. Routledge handbook of human-animal studies

    Contributor(s): Marvin, Garry, McHugh, Susan

  13. Hope after the storm

    Contributor(s): McCoy, Armand, McKeown, Gentry, Graham, Jason, Nguyen, Chris

  14. Tuesday tucks me in : the loyal bond between a soldier and his service dog

    Contributor(s): Montalván, Luis Carlos, Witter, Bret

  15. Herpetological History of the Zoo and Aquarium World

    Contributor(s): Murphy, James B.

  16. Trash animals : how we live with nature's filthy, feral, invasive, and unwanted species

    Contributor(s): Nagy, Kelsi, Johnson II, Phillip David

  17. Cavalieri dell'Africa: Storia, Iconografia, Simbolismo

    Contributor(s): Pezzoli, Gigi

  18. Restoration London : from poverty to pets, from medicine to magic, from slang to sex, from wallpaper to women's rights

    Contributor(s): Picard, Liza

  19. The Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art

    Contributor(s): Pickeral, Tamsin

  20. The Culture of the Horse: Status, Discipline, and Identity in the Early Modern World

    Contributor(s): Raber, Karen, Tucker, Treva J.