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  1. Exploring the animal turn: Human-animal relations in science, society and culture

    Contributor(s): Erika Andersson Cederholm, Amelie Björck, Kristina Jennbert, Ann-Sofie Lönngren

    Animals' omnipresence in human society makes them both close to and ye tremarkably distant from humans. Human and animal lives have always been entangled, but the way we see and practice the relationships between humans and animals - as close, intertwined, or clearly separate - varies from...

  2. Carver's repository, forge and horse infirmary

    Contributor(s): James Carver

    Veterinary science: being an address to the gentlemen, farmers and graziers of Long Island, shewing in a brief view the importance of introducing this branch of domestic science, with a view of ameliorating the diseases of that noble animal the horse

  3. Animal Metropolis: Histories of Human-Animal Relations in Urban Canada

    Contributor(s): Joanna Dean, Darcy Ingram, Christabelle Sethna

    Animal Metropolis brings a Canadian perspective to the growing field of animal history, ranging across species and cities, from the beavers who engineered Stanley Park to the carthorses who shaped the city of Montreal. Some essays consider animals as spectacle: orca captivity in Vancouver, polar...

  4. The objectification of animals

    Contributor(s): Felix Mariano Vallejos

    Motivated by the obvious naturalization of the mistreatment of nonhuman species, it manifests in everyday areas such as food, clothing, sport and entertainment, the present work aims to address the relationship between man and animals, starting with the following question: Why do we objectify...

  5. Practical veterinary forensics

    Contributor(s): Bailey, D.

    The book serves as a reference for the reader to appreciate the current workload of a forensic vet and to provide an insight into the scale and complexity of the specialism that is veterinary forensics. Topics discussed are: introduction to veterinary forensics; forensic philosophy; law and...

  6. International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) 2016. Exploring human-animal interactions: a multidisciplinary approach from behavioral and social sciences, Barcelona, Spain, 7-10 July 2016. Proceedings

    This work contains abstracts of 61 conference papers on the regulatory, behavioural and welfare aspects of human-animal interactions.

  7. Companion animal economics: the economic impact of companion animals in the UK. Research report

    Contributor(s): Hall, S., Dolling, L., Bristow, K., Fuller, T., Mills, D.

    The aim of this report is to raise awareness of the importance of research concerning the economic impact of companion animals on society. This report was inspired by the seminal Council for Science and Society (CSS) report Companion Animals in Society (1988), and updates and extends its...

  8. Treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder in military and veteran populations: initial assessment

    Contributor(s): Institute of Medicine Committee on the Assessment of Ongoing Efforts in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress, Disorder

  9. Animal-assisted psychotherapy and equine-facilitated psychotherapy

    Contributor(s): Brooks, Susan M.

  10. The social neuroscience of human-animal interaction

    Contributor(s): Freund, Lisa S., McCune, Sandra, Esposito, Layla, Gee, Nancy R., McCardle, Peggy

  11. Men and their dogs: A new understanding of man's best friend

    Contributor(s): Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  12. On talking terms with dogs : calming signals

    Contributor(s): Rugaas, Turid

    "Yawning, lip-licking, sneezing, even scratching are just a few of the 30-plus signals that dogs use to communicate with one another. With On Talking Terms With Dogs you can learn to recognize these signals and use them yourself to interact with your dog." "Norwegian dog trainer and behaviorist...

  13. Playful pooches: Using canine interactions to enhance therapeutic outcomes for children and adolescents

    Contributor(s): VanFieet, Risë

  14. Animal-assisted therapy for sexually abused children

    Contributor(s): Reichert, Elisabeth, Bermel, Lindsey, Sori, Catherine Ford

  15. Greening the lifecycle: Ecopsychology, aging and art therapy

    Contributor(s): Rugh, Madeline M., King, Straja Linder

  16. Final commentary: Sociality, therapy, and mechanisms of action

    Contributor(s): Fox, Nathan A.

  17. Healing bonds: Animal assisted interventions with adjudicated male youth

    Contributor(s): Johnson, Amy, Bruneau, Laura

  18. Affiliation in human-animal interaction

    Contributor(s): Beetz, Andrea, Bales, Karen

  19. Animal companions and military veterans: How dogs can help America's heroes

    Contributor(s): Carper, Teri L., Bartone, Anne S., Petty, Frederick C.

  20. Heal : the vital role of dogs in the search for cancer cures

    Contributor(s): Weintraub, Arlene