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  1. Loving animals : toward a new animal advocacy

    Contributor(s): Rudy, Kathy

  2. The beast within : animals in the Middle Ages

    Contributor(s): Salisbury, Joyce E.

  3. Pet assisted therapy : a loving intervention and an emerging profession : leading to a friendlier, healthier, and more peaceful world

    Contributor(s): Salotto, Pearl

  4. Animals in the Third Reich : pets, scapegoats, and the Holocaust

    Contributor(s): Sax, Boria

  5. A history of dogs in the early Americas

    Contributor(s): Schwartz, Marion

  6. Empire of dogs: canines, Japan, and the making of the modern imperial world

    Contributor(s): Skabelund, Aaron Herald

  7. When animals speak : techniques for bonding with animal companions

    Contributor(s): Smith, Penelope

  8. Therapy horses : horses that heal

    Contributor(s): Spiotta-DiMare, Loren

  9. Wild and dangerous performances : animals, emotions, circus

    Contributor(s): Tait, Peta

  10. Dogs of the Conquest

    Contributor(s): Varner, John Grier, Varner, Jeannette Johnson

  11. Beastly London : a history of animals in the city

    Contributor(s): Velten, Hannah

  12. Medieval cats

    Contributor(s): Walker-Meikle, Kathleen

  13. Alhajas para soberanos : los animales reales en el siglo XVIII : de las leoneras a las mascotas de cámara

    Contributor(s): Gómez-Centurión Jiménez, Carlos

  14. First friend : a history of dogs and humans

    Contributor(s): Rogers, Katharine M.

  15. Green Chimneys at Work (A How-to Manual)

    Full-text: Available

    Green Chimneys at Work (A How-to Manual) is set up as a collection of articles, answered questions, papers and anecdotes.  It does not have to be read from cover to cover.  The reader can open the manual at any point and begin reading.  Its purpose is to give the reader a solid,...

  16. Artist/Animal

    Contributor(s): Baker, Steve

  17. Every living being : representations of nonhuman animals in the exploration of human well-being

    Contributor(s): Boissonneault, Marie-France

  18. Homeless dogs & melancholy apes : humans and other animals in the modern literary imagination

    Contributor(s): Brown, Laura

  19. Cancer and your pet : a guide to alternative and integrated treatment

    Contributor(s): Cargill, Marie

  20. Bird tales : a program for engaging people with dementia through the natural world of birds

    Contributor(s): Griffin, Randy, Elkins, Ken