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  1. Animal assisted therapy in counseling

    Contributor(s): Chandler, Cynthia K.

  2. Animal assisted therapy in counseling

    Contributor(s): Chandler, Cynthia K.

  3. Animal behavior

    Contributor(s): Breed, Michael D., Moore, Janice

  4. Animal bioethics : principles and teaching methods

    Contributor(s): Marie, M.

  5. Animal capital : rendering life in biopolitical times

    Contributor(s): Shukin, Nicole

  6. Animal cities: beastly urban histories

    Contributor(s): Atkins, Peter

  7. Animal cognition

    Contributor(s): Gallistel, Charles R

  8. Animal cognition in nature : the convergence of psychology and biology in laboratory and field

    Contributor(s): Balda, Russell P., Pepperberg, Irene M., Kamil, Alan C.

  9. Animal companions and military veterans: How dogs can help America's heroes

    Contributor(s): Carper, Teri L., Bartone, Anne S., Petty, Frederick C.

  10. Animal control management : a guide for local governments

    Contributor(s): Handy, Geoffrey L.

  11. Animal Control Management: A new look at a public responsibility

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Stephen Aronson

    This book is the first of its kind to discuss in detail the actual management of local animal control programs as opposed to the care of the animals. The book covers those financial, personnel, legal, health, and safety issues that animal control directors and management staff need to know in...

  12. Animal cruelty : a multidisciplinary approach to understanding

    Books | Contributor(s): Brewster, Mary P., Reyes, Cassandra

  13. Animal cruelty : pathway to violence against people

    Books | Contributor(s): Merz-Perez, Linda, Heide, Kathleen M.

  14. Animal cruelty and freedom of speech : when worlds collide

    Books | Contributor(s): Perdue, Abigail, Lockwood, Randall

  15. Animal Cruelty and Freedom of Speech: When Worlds Collide

    Full-text: Available

    Books | Contributor(s): Abigail Perdue, Randall Lockwood

    A collaboration between an attorney and an animal protection advocate, this work utilizes the extremely controversial and high-profile “crush video” case, US v. Stevens, to explore how American society attempts to balance the protection of free speech and the prevention of...

  16. Animal cruelty prosecution : opportunities for early response to crime and interpersonal violence

    Books | Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall

  17. Animal cruelty, antisocial behaviour and aggression : more than a link

    Books | Contributor(s): Gullone, Eleonora

  18. Animal death

    Books | Contributor(s): Johnston, Jay, Probyn-Rapsey, Fiona

  19. Animal domestication and behavior

    Books | Contributor(s): Price, Edward O.

  20. Animal encounters

    Books | Contributor(s): Tyler, Tom, Rossini, Manuela