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  1. Animal encounters

    Contributor(s): Tyler, Tom, Rossini, Manuela

  2. Animal encounters : human and animal interaction in Britain from the Norman conquest to World War One

    Contributor(s): MacGregor, Arthur

  3. Animal ethics

    Contributor(s): Garner, Robert

  4. Animal ethics in context

    Contributor(s): Palmer, Clare

  5. Animal geographies : place, politics, and identity in the nature-culture borderlands

    Contributor(s): Wolch, Jennifer R., Emel, Jody

  6. Animal grief: how animals mourn

    Contributor(s): Alderton, David

  7. Animal harm : perspectives on why people harm and kill animals

    Contributor(s): Nurse, Angus

  8. Animal hoarding : structuring interdisciplinary responses to help people, animals and communities at risk

    Contributor(s): Patronek, Gary J., Loar, Lynn, Nathanson, Jane N.

  9. Animal impact : secrets proven to achieve results and move the world

    Contributor(s): Ginsberg, Caryn

  10. Animal lessons : how they teach us to be human

    Contributor(s): Oliver, Kelly

  11. Animal machines

    Contributor(s): Harrison, Ruth, Carson, Rachel, Stamp Dawkins, Marian

  12. Animal maltreatment : forensic mental health issues and evaluations

    Contributor(s): Levitt, Lacey, Patronek, Gary, Grisso, Thomas

  13. Animal management and population control, what progess have we made? : evaluations of animal population problems and their solutions by ten regional animal control and humane society shelters

    Contributor(s): Rowan, Andrew N., Wilson, Alexandra K.

  14. Animal Metropolis: Histories of Human-Animal Relations in Urban Canada

    Contributor(s): Joanna Dean, Darcy Ingram, Christabelle Sethna

    Animal Metropolis brings a Canadian perspective to the growing field of animal history, ranging across species and cities, from the beavers who engineered Stanley Park to the carthorses who shaped the city of Montreal. Some essays consider animals as spectacle: orca captivity in Vancouver, polar...

  15. Animal nation : the true story of animals and Australia

    Contributor(s): Franklin, Adrian

  16. Animal oppression and human violence : domesecration, capitalism, and global conflict

    Contributor(s): Nibert, David Alan

  17. Animal passions and beastly virtues : reflections on redecorating nature

    Contributor(s): Bekoff, Marc

  18. Animal pets : a study in character and nature

    Contributor(s): Cady, Berth Louise Chapman

  19. Animal play behavior

    Contributor(s): Fagen, Robert

  20. Animal politics and political animals

    Contributor(s): Wissenburg, Marcel L. J.