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  1. Conceptualizing Forensic Animal Maltreatment Evaluations

    Contributor(s): Levitt, Lacey, Grisso, Thomas, Patronek, Gary

  2. Social Responses to Animal Maltreatment Offenders; Cruelty and Sexual Abuse

    Contributor(s): Lunghofer, Lisa, Levitt, Lacey, Patronek, Gary, Grisso, Thomas

  3. Animal-Assisted Interventions in Social Work Practice

    Contributor(s): Eaton-Stull, Yvonne, Corcoran, Kevin, Roberts, Albert R.

  4. Building a Knowledge Base for Legal and Social Concerns about Animal Maltreatment

    Contributor(s): Grisso, Thomas, Levitt, Lacey, Patronek, Gary

  5. Practice and Ethics in Forensic Animal Maltreatment Evaluations

    Contributor(s): Kukor, Terry, Davis, Daniel, Weiss, Kenneth, Levitt, Lacey, Patronek, Gary, Grisso, Thomas

  6. Social Responses to Animal Maltreatment Offenders: Neglect

    Contributor(s): Ayers, Catherine R., Dozier, Mary E., Bratiotis, Christiana, Levitt, Lacey, Patronek, Gary, Grisso, Thomas

  7. Creature Contraband

    Contributor(s): Kelsey Rindfleisch, Amber Klootwyk, Julie Doyle

    For some college students, one of the hardest parts of being away from home is being separated from their pets. Coming home after a long day of classes just isn’t the same without your best furry, scaly or feathered friend there to greet you at the door. According to the Department of...

  8. Color Images for Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals

    Contributor(s): Steven D. Sorden, Claire B. Andreasen, Molly D. Murphy

    The chapter contains annotated color images of diseases in or caused from companion animals.

  9. The status and evolution of laws and policies regulating privately owned tigers in the United States

    Contributor(s): Philip J. Nyhus, Michael Ambrogi, Caitlin Dufraine, Alan Shoemaker, Ronald L. Tilson

  10. Tiger restoration in Asia: Ecological theory vs. sociological reality

    Contributor(s): Ronald Tilson, Philip J. Nyhus, Neil Franklin

  11. Bodies, Words, and Works: Charles Darwin and Lewis Henry Morgan on Human-Animal Relations

    Contributor(s): Feeley-Harnik, Gillian, Gianquitto, Tina, Fisher, Lydia

  12. The global appeal of Steinbeck's science: the animal-human connections

    Contributor(s): Kelley, James C., Shillinglaw, Susan, Hearle, Kevin

  13. Choosing Your New Best Friend

    Contributor(s): Herron, Meghan Elaine, Melese, Patrick Yves, Horwitz, Debra, Ciribassi, John, Dale, Steve

  14. Animals, before Me, with Whom I Live, by Whom I Am Addressed: Writing after Derrida

    Contributor(s): Mazis, Glen A., Moore, Stephen D.

  15. Inventing with animals in the Middle Ages

    Contributor(s): Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome, Hanawalt, Barbara, Kiser, Lisa J.

  16. Attitudes to animals

    Contributor(s): Dawkins, Marian Stamp, Friday, L. E., Laskey, R. A.

  17. Good Dog-Bad Dog: Jews and Their Dogs in Ancient Jewish Society

    Contributor(s): Schwartz, Joshua, Ackerman-Lieberman, Phillip Isaac, Zalashik, Rakefet

  18. Manifesting the Animal: Human-Animal Interactions in Contemporary Performance

    Contributor(s): Orozco, Lourdes, Cull, Laura, Daddario, Will

  19. Of man and beast

    Contributor(s): Steiner, George

  20. Pets

    Contributor(s): MacKinnon, Michael, Campbell, Gordon Lindsay