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  1. Ingestive behavior: the control of feeding in cats and dogs

    Contributor(s): Houpt, Katherine Albro

  2. Equine stereotypies

    Contributor(s): Houpt, Katherine Albro, McDonnell, Susan M., Ralston, Sarah

  3. Fabling beasts: traces in memory

    Contributor(s): Howe, Nicholas

  4. Toward a new ethic for watching dolphins and whales

    Contributor(s): Hoyt, Erich

  5. The welfare of dogs in human care

    Contributor(s): Hubrecht, Robert

  6. Introduction

    Contributor(s): Humphrey, Nicholas

  7. The utilitarian defence of animals

    Contributor(s): Hursthouse, Rosalind

  8. Criticizing Singer

    Contributor(s): Hursthouse, Rosalind

  9. Differences between humans and animals

    Contributor(s): Hursthouse, Rosalind

  10. The rights-based defence of animals

    Contributor(s): Hursthouse, Rosalind

  11. Midgley's approach: for and against speciesism

    Contributor(s): Hursthouse, Rosalind

  12. The virtue ethics defence of animals

    Contributor(s): Hursthouse, Rosalind

  13. Animal abuse as a diagnostic approach in social work: a pilot study

    Contributor(s): Hutton, James S.

  14. From trust to domination: an alternative history of human-animal relations

    Contributor(s): Ingold, Tim

  15. The power of play

    Contributor(s): Irvine, Leslie

  16. How shelters 'think' about clients' needs and unwanted pets

    Contributor(s): Irvine, Leslie

  17. Animal selfhood

    Contributor(s): Irvine, Leslie

  18. Why the status of animals should remain as property

    Contributor(s): Jadeja, Neha

  19. Animal rights activism as functional religion

    Contributor(s): Jamison, Wesley V., Wenk, Caspar, Parker, James V.

  20. Human/research animal relationships: research staff perspectives

    Contributor(s): Johnson, David K.