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  1.'s what's for dinner

    Contributor(s): Kamen, Matt

  2. The somatic sensory system

    Contributor(s): Kamerling, S. G.

    The somatic sensory system provides information on bodily sensations. The status of an animal's internal and external environment is detected and interpreted by this system. Specialized receptors "transduce" the sensations of touch, pressure, temperature, and pain. Sensory impulses are...

  3. On the proper definition of cognitive ethology

    Contributor(s): Kamil, Alan C.

  4. Speciesism, racism, nationalism . . . or the power of scientific subjectivity

    Contributor(s): Kappeler, Susanne

  5. Animal-assisted therapy and the study of human-animal relationships: discipline or bondage? context or transitional object?

    Contributor(s): Katcher, Aaron Honori

  6. The relevance of cultural competence to the link between violence to animals and people

    Contributor(s): Kaufman, Michael E.

  7. The interview for antisocial behavior: psychometric characteristics and concurrent validity with child pyschiatric inpatients

    Contributor(s): Kazdin, Alan E., Esveldt-Dawson, Karen

  8. Language and ideology in evolutionary theory: reading cultural norms into natural law

    Contributor(s): Keller, Evelyn Fox

  9. Human-animal interactions: a review of American attitudes to wild and domestic Animals in the twentieth century

    Contributor(s): Kellert, Stephen R.

  10. Attitudes, knowledge and behaviour toward wildlife among the industrial superpowers: the United States, Japan, and Germany

    Contributor(s): Kellert, Stephen R.

  11. Childhood cruelty toward animals among criminals and noncriminals

    Contributor(s): Kellert, Stephen R., Felthous, Alan R.

  12. License to kill: an ecofeminist critique of hunters' discourse

    Contributor(s): Kheel, Marti

  13. Personality and the happiness of the chimpanzee

    Contributor(s): King, James E.

  14. Luminary

    Contributor(s): Kinsman, Cathy

  15. Keeping spot at home: an epidemiological approach to maintaining the human-animal bond through behaviour education and obedience training

    Contributor(s): Kogan, L. R., Ruch-Gallie, R., Salman, M. D.

  16. Surplus dogs and cats in Europe

    Contributor(s): König, Josef

  17. Human nature and culture: biology and the residue of uniqueness

    Contributor(s): Konner, Melvin

  18. The use of dog-human interaction as a reward in instrumental conditioning and its impact on dogs' cardiac regulation

    Contributor(s): Kostarczyk, Ewa

  19. Song bird song repertoires: an ethological approach to studying cognition

    Contributor(s): Kroodsma, Donald E., Byers, Bruce E.

  20. Animals in children's stories

    Contributor(s): Krueger, David W., Krueger, Lauren N.