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  1. Does behaviour predict weight gain during adulthood in captive group-living rhesus macaques?

    Contributor(s): Zijlmans, Dian G. M., van den Berg, Lisette M., Langermans, Jan A. M., Sterck, Elisabeth H. M.

  2. Managing long-term wellness in captive sea turtles

    Contributor(s): Wood, L. D.

  3. Scaredy-cat: Assessment of individual differences in response to an acute everyday stressor across development in the domestic cat

    Contributor(s): Urrutia, Andrea, Bánszegi, Oxána, Szenczi, Péter, Hudson, Robyn

  4. Where are we now? Early Medieval archaeozoology in Slovenia: an overview

    Contributor(s): Toškan, Borut

  5. Dog selection and responsible animal keeping during the COVID-19 pandemic: survey among future owners and animal welfare NGOsA kutyavalasztas szempontjai es a felelos allattartas a COVID-19- vilagjarvanv idejen: felmeres ieendo kutyatartok es ellatve

    Contributor(s): Szabina, T., Szilvia, V., Laszlo, O., Viktoria, S.

  6. The relationship between attitudes to human rights and to animal rights is partially mediated by empathy

    Contributor(s): Stone, A.

  7. Gastrophysics for pets: Tackling the growing problem of overweight/obese dogs

    Contributor(s): Spence, Charles

  8. The impact of Covid-19 on animal-assisted interventions: perceptions of UK animal-assisted intervention providers

    Contributor(s): Shoesmith, E., Gibsone, S., Ratschen, E.

  9. Cat scratch disease at the human-animal interface. Case report in the City of San Luis, ArgentinaEnfermedad por aranazo de gato en la interfaz humano-animal. Reporte de caso en la Ciudad de San Luis, Argentina

    Contributor(s): Santiago Lorenzatti, J., Nazarena de Salvo, M., Diaz Perez, P., Cicuttin, G. L., Samartino, L. E.

  10. Studying the Research-Practice Gap in Physical Therapies for Cerebral Palsy: Preliminary Outcomes Based on a Survey of Spanish Clinicians

    Contributor(s): Sanchez, C., Lerma-Lara, S., Garcia-Carmona, R., Urendes, E., Laccourreye, P., Raya, R.

  11. Benchmarking to drive improvements in extensive beef cattle welfare: a perspective on developing an Australian producer-driven system

    Contributor(s): Salvin, H. E., Monk, J. E., Cafe, L. M., Lee, C.

  12. Horse welfare: A joint assessment of four categories of behavioural indicators using the AWIN protocol, scan sampling and surveys

    Contributor(s): Ruet, A., Arnould, C., Lemarchand, J., Parias, C., Mach, N., Moisan, M. P., Foury, A., Briant, C., Lansade, L.

  13. Animal welfare and its assossiations with farm size and stockmanship characteristics on European breeding-to-finishing pig farms

    Contributor(s): Ruckli, A. K., Dippel, S., Helmerichs, J., Hubbard, C., Munsterhjelm, C., Vermeer, H., Leeb, C.

  14. Long and winding road: Training progress and trainability variation across a psychoacoustic experiment in penguins

    Contributor(s): Rößler, Helen, May, Anne, Dähne, Michael, Beaulieu, Michaël

  15. The role of pets in the support systems of community-dwelling older adults: a qualitative systematic review

    Contributor(s): Reniers, P. W. A., Declercq, I. J. N., Hediger, K., Enders-Slegers, M. J., Gerritsen, D. L., Leontjevas, R.

  16. An investigation of two ostensibly inhibitory control tasks used in canine cognition

    Contributor(s): Olsen, Mariana R.

  17. Using sensors to detect individual responses of lambs during transport and pre-slaughter handling and their relationship with meat quality

    Contributor(s): Ogun, S., Viola, I., Obertino, M., Manenti, I., Ala, U., Brugiapaglia, A., Battaglini, L., Perona, G., Baratta, M.

  18. Cat-human bond: Satisfaction and behavioural complaints among Italian respondents

    Contributor(s): Normando, Simona, Venturini, Tsighie, Filugelli, Lorena, Bonetti, Omar, Mutinelli, Franco, Contalbrigo, Laura

  19. Effects of concentrate starch level and free-choice provision of straw on performance, feeding behaviour and feed sorting of fattening lambs

    Contributor(s): Monjezi, Yaser, Sari, Mohsen, Chaji, Morteza, Ferret, Alfred

  20. The relationships between attitudes, personal characteristics and behaviour of stockpeople on dairy goat farms

    Contributor(s): Mersmann, D., Schmied-Wagner, C., Waiblinger, S.