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  1. The zoomorphic representations of the Pîrî Reis map (1513)

    Contributor(s): Masseti, Marco, Veracini, Cecilia

    2016Anthropozoologica51141-540761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2016n1a3entext

  2. A zooarchaeological study of Rangifer tarandus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the Croxton site in Brooks Range, Alaska, and implications for utility analysis

    Contributor(s): Steffen, Martina L.


  3. The worked bone industry and intrusive fauna associated with the prehistoric cave burials of Abri des Autours (Belgium)

    Contributor(s): Goffette, Quentin, Rots, Veerle, Polet, Caroline, Cauwe, Nicolas, Smith, Richard, Smith, Thierry

    2017Anthropozoologica522185-2010761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2017n2a4entext

  4. The wonder whale: a commodity, a monster, a show and an icon

    Contributor(s): Brito, Cristina, Vieira, Nina, Freitas, Joana G.


  5. Wolf ( Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758) domestication: why did it occur so late and at such high latitude? A hypothesis

    Contributor(s): Schnitzler, Annick, Patou-Mathis, Marylène

    2017Anthropozoologica522149-1530761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2017n2a1entext

  6. When ivory came from the seas. On some traits of the trade of raw and carved sea-mammal ivories in the Middle Ages

    Contributor(s): Dectot, Xavier


  7. What reality for animals in the Mesopotamian medical texts? Plant vs animal

    Contributor(s): Chalendar, Vérène

    2016Anthropozoologica51297-1030761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2016n2a2entext

  8. The ways of fish beyond the sea: fish circulation and consumption in the Atacama desert, northern Chile, during the Formative period (500 cal B.C.-700 cal A.D.)

    Contributor(s): Ballester, Benjamín, Calás, Elisa, Labarca, Rafael, Pestle, William, Gallardo, Francisco, Castillo, Claudia, Pimentel, Gonzalo, Oyarzo, Cristobal


  9. The use of animals in Northern Mesoamerica, between the Classic and the Conquest (200-1521 AD). An attempt at regional synthesis on central Mexico

    Contributor(s): Manin, Aurélie, Lefèvre, Christine

    2016Anthropozoologica512127-1470761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2016n2a5entext

  10. Un compilateur en eaux (in-)connues: Thomas de Cantimpré et la faune aquatique du nord-ouest de l'Europe

    Contributor(s): Clesse, Grégory

    2018Anthropozoologica53187-960761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/anthropozoologica2018v53a7entext

  11. The symbolism of the black sheep as a talisman in extensive and transhumant ranching in Spain: an anthropological analysis

    Contributor(s): Vidal-González, Pablo


  12. The skull on the hill. Anthropological and osteological investigation of contemporary horse skull ritual practices in central Mongolia (Arkhangai province)

    Contributor(s): Marchina, Charlotte, Lepetz, Sébastien, Salicis, Claude, Magail, Jérôme

    2017Anthropozoologica522171-1830761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2017n2a3entext

  13. The shell industry in Final Neolithic societies in Sardinia: characterizing the production and utilization of Glycymeris da Costa, 1778 valves

    Contributor(s): Manca, Laura

    2016Anthropozoologica512149-1710761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2016n2a6entext

  14. Romulus et Rémus, la louve et la prostituée

    Contributor(s): Prescendi, Francesca

    2017Anthropozoologica52145-510761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2017n1a4entext

  15. Que le papegau n'est pas toujours vert. Une perruche à collier lutino à la cour du duc de Berry au début du siècle

    Contributor(s): Jouanin, Gaëtan


  16. Protéger et abattre les bovins au pays de la «vache sacrée»: usages symboliques, politiques et économiques des vaches et des buffles dans l'lnde contemporaine

    Contributor(s): Bruckert, Michaël


  17. Postface Mowgli et Tarzan: l'allaitement entre humains et animaux à la mode (post-)coloniale

    Contributor(s): Foehr-Janssens, Yasmina

    2017Anthropozoologica521131-1350761-3032, 2107-088110.5252/az2017n1a12entext

  18. Poisson et pêche dans la littérature irlandaise et galloise: le bétail de la mer

    Contributor(s): Petrovskaia, Natalia I.


  19. Plate f of the Gundestrup “cauldron”: symbols of spring and fertility

    Contributor(s): Nance, David Alexander


  20. Pack goats in the Neolithic Middle East

    Contributor(s): Sutliff, Donna J.