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  1. Does environmental enrichment consisting of brushing prepartum zebu heifers improve first-lactation behavior?

    Contributor(s): da Silva, Pércia Monteiro Rocha Soares, Ferreira, Isabel Cristina, da Fonseca Neto, Álvaro Moraes, Malaquias, Juaci Vitória, de Pinho, Gabriel Alberto Santos, de Oliveira, Sara Adna Santos, Martins, Carlos Frederico

  2. Rider effects on horses’ conflict behaviour, rein tension, physiological measures and rideability scores

    Contributor(s): Christensen, Janne Winther, Munk, Rikke, Hawson, Lesley, Palme, Rupert, Larsen, Torben, Egenvall, Agneta, König von Borstel, Uta U., Rørvang, Maria Vilain

  3. Effects of in ovo injection of serotonin on behavior and hypothalamic genes expression in post hatch-chicks

    Contributor(s): Chenxuan, Huang, Qiaoxian, Yue, Yifan, Chen, Dehe, Wang, Rongyan, Zhou, Guoxian, Zhao, Hui, Chen

  4. Inter- and intra-individual variability of feeding behaviour in group housed dairy goats

    Contributor(s): Cellier, Marjorie, Duvaux-Ponter, Christine, Nielsen, Birte L.

  5. Behavioural reactivity of two lines of South African Merino sheep divergently selected for reproductive potential

    Contributor(s): Bonato, Maud, Cloete, J. J. E., Kruger, A. C. M., Cloete, Schalk W. P.

  6. The long-term impact of infant rearing background on the behavioural and physiological stress response of adult common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

    Contributor(s): Ash, Hayley, Smith, Tessa E., Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M.

  7. Strategic use of straw as environmental enrichment for prepartum sows in farrowing crates

    Contributor(s): Aparecida Martins, Renata, Ribeiro Caldara, Fabiana, Crone, Carla, Markiy Odakura, Agnês, Bevilacqua, Augusto, Oliveira dos Santos Nieto, Viviane Maria, Aparecida Felix, Gisele, Pereira dos Santos, Alessandra, Sousa dos Santos, Luan, Garófallo Garcia, Rodrigo, de Castro Lippi, Isabella Cristina

  8. Free-Riders in the Nonprofit Industrial Complex: The Problem of Flexitarianism

    Contributor(s): Wrenn, C. L.

  9. Evaluation of D-dimer levels in aqueous humor of rabbit eyes with and without induced intraocular fibrin and fibrinolytic treatment

    Contributor(s): Voelter, K., Tappeiner, C., Riond, B., Nuss, K., Bruetsch, D., Pot, S. A.

  10. Vulnerability, Transcendence, and the Body: Exploring the Human Nonhuman Animal Divide within Jainism

    Contributor(s): Vallely, A.

  11. Does the End Justify the Means? A Media Analysis of Invasive Pig and Fox Management

    Contributor(s): Thompson, B. E., Grace, M. E., Foster, B. C., Harrison, C. L., Graham, S.

  12. How Ethical Ideologies Relate to Public Attitudes Toward Nonhuman Animals: The Japanese Case

    Contributor(s): Su, B. T., Koda, N., Martens, P.

  13. Human-Animal Studies: Remembering the Past, Celebrating the Present, Troubling the Future

    Contributor(s): Shapiro, K.

  14. Caregiver perceptions of the benefits of hippotherapy for children with various disorders, disabilities, and medical conditions

    Contributor(s): Scotland-Coogan, D., Whitworth, J. D., O'Brien, C. N.

  15. Village Dogs in Coastal Mexico The Street as a Place to Belong

    Contributor(s): Ruiz-Izaguirre, E., Hebinck, P., Eilers, K.

  16. Life as a Reflexive Project: The Logics of Ethical Veganism and Meat-Eating

    Contributor(s): Presser, L., Schally, J. L., Vossler, C.

  17. Canine Rescue as a Social Movement: The Politics of Love

    Contributor(s): Peterson, A. L.

  18. "Savage Beasts," "Great Companions": The First Dogs to Winter on the Antarctic Continent

    Contributor(s): Patterson, D., Simmonds, J. G., Snell, T. L.

  19. Animals "R" Us: Egomorphism in/for Science and Environmental Education

    Contributor(s): Monteiro, R., Reis, G.

  20. Hiker Narratives of Living among Bears on the Appalachian Trail

    Contributor(s): Marx, K.