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  1. Effects of concentrate starch level and free-choice provision of straw on performance, feeding behaviour and feed sorting of fattening lambs

    Contributor(s): Monjezi, Yaser, Sari, Mohsen, Chaji, Morteza, Ferret, Alfred

  2. The relationships between attitudes, personal characteristics and behaviour of stockpeople on dairy goat farms

    Contributor(s): Mersmann, D., Schmied-Wagner, C., Waiblinger, S.

  3. Age‐related differences in reasoning about the acceptability of eating animals

    Contributor(s): McGuire, Luke, Fry, Emma, Palmer, Sally, Faber, Nadira S.

  4. Effect of reduced dietary protein level on finishing pigs’ harmful social behaviour before and after an abrupt dietary change

    Contributor(s): McAuley, Melanie, Buijs, Stephanie, Muns, Ramon, Gordon, Alan, Palmer, Maeve, Meek, Kayleigh, O’Connell, Niamh

  5. Can stress and anxiety be assessed in African elephants (Loxodonta africana) using self-directed behaviour?

    Contributor(s): Manning, Primrose, Hauff, Lindsey, Padfield, Clare, Olivier, Lisa, Ganswindt, Andre, Young, Debbie

  6. Psychometric validation of the Brazilian Version of the Pet Attachment Questionnaire (PAQ): An examination of predictors of attachment styles among cat owners

    Contributor(s): Luchesi, Suzana Helena, Machado, Daiana Souza, Trindade, Pedro Henrique Esteves, Mikulincer, Mario, Otta, Emma

  7. Nursing Students with Disabilities: A Guide to Providing Accommodations

    Contributor(s): Lucas, L. S., Silbert-Flagg, J., D'Aoust, R. F.

  8. Vocal expression of emotions in farmed spotted paca (Cuniculus paca)

    Contributor(s): Lima, Allison F., Lima, Stella G. C., Nogueira-Filho, Sérgio L. G., Held, Suzanne, Paul, Elizabeth, Mendl, Michael, Nogueira, Selene S. C.

  9. Development of a welfare assessment protocol and assessment of dairy cattle welfare in Haryana and Punjab states of Northern India

    Contributor(s): Kamboj, M. L., Kumar, C., Mahla, V.

  10. A preliminary survey on the occurrence of barbering in laboratory mice in Germany

    Contributor(s): Kahnau, P., Jaap, A., Hobbiesiefken, U., Mieske, P., Diederich, K., Thöne-Reineke, C., Lewejohann, L., Hohlbaum, K.

  11. What is a lion worth to local people - quantifying of the costs of living alongside a top predator

    Contributor(s): Jacobsen, K. S., Sandorf, E. D., Loveridge, A. J., Dickman, A. J., Johnson, P. J., Mourato, S., Contu, D., Macdonald, D. W.

  12. Play and welfare in domestic cats: Current knowledge and future directions

    Contributor(s): Henning, J. S. L., Fernandez, E. J., Nielsen, T., Hazel, S.

  13. Analysis of social interactions in group-housed animals using dyadic linear models

    Contributor(s): Han, Junjie, Siegford, Janice, de los Campos, Gustavo, Tempelman, Robert J., Gondro, Cedric, Steibel, Juan P.

  14. Is a mounted award ceremony in equestrian sport relevant to animal welfare?

    Contributor(s): Gehlen, H., Thöne-Reineke, C., Merle, R., Pichon, S., Linnenbrügger, H.

  15. Liguus Landscapes: Amateur Liggers, Professional Malacology, and the Social Lives of Snail Sciences

    Contributor(s): Galka, J. M.

  16. Spatial behaviour of dairy cows is affected by lameness

    Contributor(s): Frondelius, Lilli, Van Weyenberg, Stephanie, Lindeberg, Heli, Van Nuffel, Annelies, Maselyne, Jarissa, Pastell, Matti

  17. Flight capacity and human aversion in captive Amazon parrots: Related factors and the effects of pre-releasing training

    Contributor(s): Franzone, Victor, Ramos, Gabriela de Araújo Porto, de Lima Kascher, Larissa Kelmer, de Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini, Sant’Anna, Aline Cristina

  18. Bridging the global-local animal-based tourism divide

    Contributor(s): Fennell, D. A.

    2022Annals of Tourism Research960160-738310.1016/j.annals.2022.103459EnglishDepartment of Geography & Tourism Studies, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 3A1, Canada.dfennell@brocku.catext

  19. Goats are able to adapt to virtual fencing; A field study in commercial goat herds on Norwegian farms

    Contributor(s): Eftang, Silje, Vas, Judit, Holand, Øystein, Bøe, Knut Egil

  20. Early life environment and adult enrichment: Effects on fearfulness in laying hens

    Contributor(s): Dumontier, Lucille, Janczak, Andrew M., Smulders, Tom V., Moe, Randi O., Vas, Judit, Nordgreen, Janicke