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  1. Inbreeding and health problems prevalence in a colony of guide dogs: a cohort of 40 Labrador Retrievers

    Contributor(s): Cecchi, F., Vezzosi, T., Branchi, G., Barsotti, G., Macchioni, F.

    The aims of this study were to analyze the inbreeding (F) in a colony of Labrador Retriever (LR) guide dogs using information from pedigrees and to verify its role in increasing the occurrence of various genetic diseases (hereditary eye diseases, heart problems, hip and elbow dysplasia). Pedigree...

  2. Morphological and biochemical indices of blood at Dirofilaria infection of carnivores

    Contributor(s): Byakova, O. V., Pilip, L. V., Sapozhnikov, A. F.


  3. [Loneliness in nursing homes-Experience and measures for amelioration : A literature review]

    Contributor(s): Plattner, L., Brandstötter, C., Paal, P.

  4. Improvising care: Managing experimental animals at a Japanese laboratory

    Contributor(s): Suzuki, W.

  5. Cynotherapy in cancer pain management: a pilot study

    Contributor(s): Silva Carvalho, F., Carvalho, S., Conde, R., Esteves, S.

  6. Understanding the Experiences of Elderly Bereaved Men and the Bond With Their Pets

    Contributor(s): Thompson Psy, D. Mc, Kim Ph, D. Ab

  7. The effect of animal-assisted therapy on nursing student anxiety: A randomized control study

    Contributor(s): Anderson, D., Brown, S.

  8. A conceptual model of the human-animal relationships dynamics during newborn handling on cow-calf operation farms

    Contributor(s): Costa, F. de O., Valente, T. S., Toledo, L. M. de, Ambrosio, L. A., Campo, M. del, Costa, M. J. R. P. da

  9. Effect of greeting and departure interactions on the development of increased separation-related behaviors in newly adopted adult dogs

    Contributor(s): Teixeira, A. R., Hall, N. J.

  10. Gymnastic Training of Hippotherapy Horses Benefits Gait Quality When Ridden by Riders with Different Body Weights

    Contributor(s): de Oliveira, K., Clayton, H. M., Dos Santos Harada, É

  11. Optimal Terminology for Services in the United States That Incorporate Horses to Benefit People: A Consensus Document

    Contributor(s): Wood, W., Alm, K., Benjamin, J., Thomas, L., Anderson, D., Pohl, L., Kane, M.

  12. Effect of Equine-Assisted Activities on Cardiac Autonomic Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Randomized-Controlled Trial

    Contributor(s): Park, I. K., Lee, J. Y., Suk, M. H., Yoo, S., Seo, Y. G., Oh, J. K., Kwon, J. Y.

  13. The comfort dog project of northern Uganda: an innovative canine-assisted psychosocial trauma recovery programme

    Contributor(s): Olmert, M. D.

  14. A Missense Mutation in the KLF7 Gene Is a Potential Candidate Variant for Congenital Deafness in Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs

    Contributor(s): Xu, F., Shan, S., Sommerlad, S., Seddon, J. M., Brenig, B.

  15. Effects of Rearing on the Behaviour of Zoo-Housed Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

    Contributor(s): Spiezio, C., Vaglio, S., Vandelle, C., Sandri, C., Regaiolli, B.

  16. Bringing human-animal interaction to sport: Potential impacts on athletic performance

    Contributor(s): Marvin, S., Sorenson, K., Stevens, J. R.

  17. The tail that wagged the dog - The understated risks of animal-assisted interventions

    Contributor(s): Hansel, J.

    2021Complement Ther Clin Pract1013841744-388110.1016/j.ctcp.2021.101384engDepartment of Anaesthesia, Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancaster, UK. Electronic address:

  18. Experiences of Military Veterans in a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program

    Contributor(s): Johnson, R. A., Albright, D. L., Marzolf, J. R., Bibbo, J. L., Yaglom, H. D., Crowder, S. M., Carlisle, G. M., Grindler, K., Harms, N., Willard, A., Wassman, M., Russell, C. L.

  19. Adjuvant sirolimus does not improve outcome in pet dogs receiving standard of care therapy for appendicular osteosarcoma: A prospective, randomized trial of 324 dogs

    Contributor(s): LeBlanc, A. K., Mazcko, C. N., Cherukuri, A., Berger, E. P., Kisseberth, W. C., Brown, M. E., Lana, S. E., Weishaar, K., Flesner, B. K., Bryan, J. N., Vail, D. M., Burton, J. H., Willcox, J. L., Mutsaers, A., Woods, J. P., Northrup, N. C., Saba, C., Curran, K. M., Leeper, H., Wilson-Robles, H., Wustefeld-Janssens, B. G., Lindley, S., Smith, A. N., Dervisis, N., Klahn, S., Higginbotham, M. L., Wouda, R. M., Krick, E., Mahoney, J. A., London, C. A., Barber, L. G., Martin, O., Balkman, C. E., McCleary-Wheeler, A. L., Suter, S. E., Borgatti, A., Burgess, K., Childress, M. O., Fidel, J., Allstadt, S. D., Gustafson, D. L., Selmic, L. E., Khanna, C., Fan, T. M.

  20. Dog training intervention improves adaptive social communication skills in young children with autism spectrum disorder: A controlled crossover study

    Contributor(s): Ben-Itzchak, E., Zachor, D. A.