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  1. Turbidity derived from palm oil mill effluent alters feeding ability of male siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens, Regan 1910)

    Contributor(s): Zulfahmi, Ilham, Batubara, Agung Setia, Perdana, Adli Waliul, Andalia, Ade Putri, Nuzulli, Dian, Hidayat, Muslich, Nur, Firman M., Sumon, Kizar Ahmed, Rahman, Mohammad Mahmudur

  2. Olfactory behaviour reactions to Acalypha indica preparations in domestic cats

    Contributor(s): Wickramaratne, Shamilka, de Silva, Niranjala, Wickramasinghe, Saumya, Wanigasekara, Anoja, Adhikari, Ranjith, Rajapakasha, Eranda

  3. Reducing stocking density benefits behaviour of fast- and slower-growing broilers

    Contributor(s): van der Eijk, Jerine A. J., Gunnink, Henk, Melis, Stephanie, van Riel, Johan W., de Jong, Ingrid C.

  4. Dry and unwary are best conditions for baiting wild pigs (Sus scrofa)

    Contributor(s): Snow, Nathan P., Glow, Michael P., Lavelle, Michael J., Fischer, Justin W., Cook, Seth M., Lutman, Mark W., Foster, Justin A., VerCauteren, Kurt C.

  5. Single- and multi-species groups: A descriptive study of cattle and broiler behaviour on pasture

    Contributor(s): Schanz, Lisa, Hintze, Sara, Hübner, Severin, Barth, Kerstin, Winckler, Christoph

  6. Acoustic feeding responses using marine chemoattractants in plant-based diets for naive and non-naive Litopenaeus vannamei

    Contributor(s): Peixoto, Silvio, Strebel, Leila, Soares, Roberta, Davis, D. Allen

  7. The effects of transport of 18-day old hatching eggs on physiology and behaviour of slow growing broiler chicken

    Contributor(s): Nordquist, Rebecca E., Vernooij, J. C. M., Dull, C. L., Pascual, A., van der Linde, G., Goerlich, Vivian C.

  8. Responses of purple mud crab (Scylla tranquebarica) to various saccharide solutions and the saccharide-coated pelleted feeds

    Contributor(s): Liew, Kit-Shing, Tan, Karsoon, Liew, Hon Jung, Masuda, Reiji, Shapawi, Rossita, Tuzan, Audrey Daning, Yong, Annita Seok-Kian, Kawamura, Gunzo, Lim, Leong-Seng

  9. Residency and swimming behavior of Acanthopagrus schlegelii, Trachinotus blochii, and Acanthopagrus latus in relation to artificial reef models in a captivity experiment

    Contributor(s): Lee, Wei-Yu, Lan, Kuo-Wei, Chang, Hsiang-Hao, Naimullah, Muhamad

  10. Impact of two commercial weaning and transport strategies on piglet behaviour, body weight change, lesions and lameness following transport

    Contributor(s): Golightly, Hannah R., Brown, Jennifer, Bergeron, Renée, Poljak, Zvonimir, Seddon, Yolande M., O’Sullivan, Terri L.

  11. Sublethal effects of pesticide residues differ between strains of captive Grey partridge: Consequences in terms of rearing conditions

    Contributor(s): Gaffard, Agathe, Loiseau, Clotilde, Bretagnolle, Vincent, Pays, Olivier, Moreau, Jérôme

  12. Sex or maternal care? Nursing oestrous ewes prefer to interact with rams over their lambs

    Contributor(s): Freitas-de-Melo, Aline, Agrati, Daniella, Rodriguez, Mariana Garcia Kako, Pérez-Clariget, Raquel, Ungerfeld, Rodolfo

  13. Does the evolutionarily stable strategy apply to captive Humboldt penguins? Study on S. humboldti lateralized behavior

    Contributor(s): de Tommaso, Chiara, Ferri, Antonio, Domenichelli, Federico, Lucidi, Pia

  14. Effects of predator odor on anti-predation behavior and hypothalamic c-fos mRNA expression of Chinese mole shrew

    Contributor(s): Chen, Deng, Wu, Sisi, Fu, Changkun, Li, Yuhao, Jin, Li, Mei, Yan, Zong, Hao

  15. Quality of the Human–Animal Bond and Mental Wellbeing During a COVID-19 Lockdown

    Contributor(s): Wells, Deborah L., Clements, Megan A., Elliott, Laura J., Meehan, Eimear S., Montgomery, Cora J., Williams, Grace A.

  16. Predicting Support for Social Actions and Policies that Enable Pet Ownership Among People Living in Poverty

    Contributor(s): Matheson, Kimberly, Pranschke, Maria

  17. The Effects of Exposure to Information About Animal Welfare Reforms on Animal Farming Opposition: A Randomized Experiment

    Contributor(s): Harris, Jamie, Ladak, Ali, Mathur, Maya B.

  18. Characterization of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder’s Interactions with a Service Dog During Their First Encounter

    Contributor(s): Dollion, Nicolas, Herbin, Alexandre, Champagne, Noël, Plusquellec, Pierrich, Grandgeorge, Marine

  19. Virtual Canine Comfort: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of a Canine-Assisted Intervention Supporting Undergraduate Wellbeing

    Contributor(s): Binfet, John-Tyler, Tardif-Williams, Christine, Draper, Zakary A., Green, Freya L. L., Singal, Akshat, Rousseau, Camille X., Roma, Renata

  20. Companionship and Worries in Uncertain Times: Australian Parents’ Experiences of Children and Pets During COVID-19

    Contributor(s): Bennetts, Shannon K., Crawford, Sharinne B., Howell, Tiffani, Ignacio, Brian, Burgemeister, Fiona, Burke, Kylie, Nicholson, Jan M.