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  1. Relationship between behavioural reactions and heart rate in horses during transient social isolation

    Contributor(s): Jezierski, T., Gorecka, A.

    Six horses were used in an experiment conducted in a tie-stable without boxes. The behaviour of each horse was videotaped and heart rate (HR) was recorded continuously for approx. 104 min during the following test situations: all horses in the stable and no person present; other horses being...

  2. Human-animal relationship in the research lab: a discussion by the Refinement and Enrichment Forum

    Contributor(s): Abney, D., Conlee, K., Cunneen, M., Down, N., Lang, T., Patterson-Kane, E., Skoumbourdis, E., Reinhardt, V.

  3. Individually ventilated cages and rodent welfare: report of the 2002 RSPCA/UFAW rodent welfare group meeting

    Contributor(s): Hawkins, P., Anderson, D., Applebee, K., Key, D., Wallace, J., Milite, G., Clark, J. M., Hubrecht, R., Jennings, M.

    The RSPCA/UFAW Rodent Welfare Group holds a one-day meeting every autumn so that its members can discuss current welfare research and exchange views on rodent welfare issues. The 2002 meeting focused on welfare issues associated with housing rodents in individually ventilated cages (IVCs)....

  4. Presence of a dog reduces subjective but not physiological stress responses to an analog trauma

    Contributor(s): Lass-Hennemann, J., Peyk, P., Streb, M., Holz, E., Michael, T.

  5. Reversing Extinction: Restoration and Resurrection in the Pleistocene Rewilding Projects

    Contributor(s): Chrulew, Matthew

  6. Mustang: The Paradox of Imagery

    Contributor(s): Dalke, Karen

  7. A Trace of Kinship: The Place of Animals in Environmental Aesthetics

    Contributor(s): Fellenz, Marc

  8. Pissing Angels

    Contributor(s): Filippi, Massimo

  9. Future Mix: Remodelling Biological Futures

    Contributor(s): Franklin, Sarah

  10. Genuine Zoocentrism or Dogged Anthropocentrism? On the Personification of Animal Figures in the News

    Contributor(s): Gouabault, Emmanuel, Dubied, Annik, Burton-Jeangros, Claudine

  11. When Species Meet: Confronting Bestiality Pornography

    Contributor(s): Grebowicz, Margret

  12. Unfamiliar biological futurities: Animals in techno-science (an introduction to Sarah Franklin's "Future Mix")

    Contributor(s): Holmberg, Tora

  13. Ornithological Biography, Animal Studies, and Starling Subjectivity

    Contributor(s): Karnicky, Jeffrey

  14. Alterity and the Non-human

    Contributor(s): Marchesini, Roberto

  15. Risk, Human Health, and the Oppression of Nonhuman Animals: The Development of Transgenic Nonhuman Animals for Human Use

    Contributor(s): Peggs, Kay

  16. The Posthumanism of Roberto Marchesini

    Contributor(s): Sax, Boria

  17. Is a wolf wild as long as it does not know that it is being thoroughly managed?

    Contributor(s): Tønnessen, Morten

  18. When Species Kiss: some recent correspondence between animots

    Contributor(s): Turner, Lynn

  19. Minding Animals-the Human Re-engagement with Animals

    Contributor(s): Bennison, Rod, Williams, Linda, siobhan o'sullivan

  20. Eating Girls: Deleuze and Guattari's Becoming-Animal and the Romantic Sublime in William Blake's Lyca Poems

    Contributor(s): Heymans, Peter