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The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) is issuing a call for research proposals from institutions and organizations across the globe to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted interventions (AAI), both for the people and the animals involved. To learn more, visit https://habri.org/grants/funding-opportunities/ close

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  1. A survey of the main behavioural and natatorial issues observed in non-genetically selected dog breeds trained for water rescue activities

    Contributor(s): Cecchi, F., Macchioni, F.

  2. Social licence to cull: examining scepticism toward lethal wildlife removal in cities

    Contributor(s): Essen, E. von, Redmalm, D.

  3. Social and emotional therapy dog-assisted interventions in mainstream school settings: A systematic review

    Contributor(s): Wintermantel, Lena, Grove, Christine, Henderson, Linda, Laletas, Stella

  4. Separation distress in a sample of rescued galgos form Spain

    Contributor(s): Normando, S. R. C., Bertomoro, F., Bonetti, O.

  5. Roles and usages of neuro service dogs for caregivers living at home with persons with dementia: An exploratory comparative case study

    Contributor(s): Vincent, Claude, Dumont, Frédéric S., Rivard, Annette, Rogers, Manon, Brémault-Phillips, Suzette, Brown, Cary, Achou, Bertrand

  6. Role of physical environment and green natural environment of pet-accompanying tourism sites in generating pet owners' life satisfaction

    Contributor(s): Quan, Wei, Kim, Seongseop, Baah, Nancy Grace, Jung, Heekyoung, Han, Heesup

  7. Review: Sentientism - for whose sake? Ethics, sciences, and crypto-teleological fact-value bridges, illustrated by the research about sentience in invertebrates

    Contributor(s): Baranzke, H., Ingensiep, H. W.

  8. Review: Animal husbandry and sustainable agriculture: is animal welfare (only) an issue of sustainability of agricultural production or a separate issue on its own?

    Contributor(s): Wawrzyniak, D.

  9. Promoting sustainable well-being through nature-based interventions for young people in precarious situations: Implications for social work A systematic review

    Contributor(s): Obeng, James Kutu, Kangas, Katja, Stamm, Ingo, Tolvanen, Anne

  10. Predator free 2050 and pedagogy: Teaching about introduced predators in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Contributor(s): Palmer, Alexandra, Birdsall, Sally

  11. Possibilities of reducing fearfulness and stress in horses by prophylactic methods and behavioural therapies

    Contributor(s): Budzynska, M., Jarosz, M., Kapustka, J.

  12. Multispecies Occupations Involving Equines: An Action-Oriented Inquiry to Inform Occupational Therapy Practitioners

    Contributor(s): Pugh, Heather K., Heatwole Shank, Kendra S.

  13. A mixed methods approach for measuring topic sensitivity in conservation

    Contributor(s): Ibbett, H., Jones, J. P. G., Dorward, L., Kohi, E. M., Dwiyahreni, A. A., Prayitno, K., Sankeni, S., Kaduma, J., McHomvu, J., Saputra, A. W., Sabiladiyni, H., Supriatna, J., St John, F. A. V.

  14. MeowPlayLive: Enhancing Animal Live Streaming Experience Through Voice Message-Based Real-Time Viewer-Animal Interaction

    Contributor(s): Ahn, Chee Eun, Lee, Woohun, Park, Hunmin, Hong, Jiwoo

  15. Maus-tratos pelo abandono de animais no periodo de ferias

    Contributor(s): Ataide Junior, V. de P., Bastos, P. A. de S., Caron, A. J. B.

  16. It was one of the worst days of my life: Companion animal owners' experiences of the Edgecumbe 2017 flood in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Contributor(s): Glassey, Steve, Liebergreen, Nicola, Ferrere, Marcelo Rodriguez, King, Mike

  17. Integrating dog shelters in the One Health perspective: is this truly achievable?

    Contributor(s): Sacchettino, L., Gatta, C., Pelagalli, A., Maruccio, L., Napolitano, F., Avallone, L., D'Angelo, D.

  18. The impact of information on the perception, emotional profile, and insights of Brazilian pet owners with different degrees of entomophobia

    Contributor(s): da Silva, Camila B. Fernandes, Filho, Elson R. Tavares, Pimentel, Tatiana C., Pagani, Monica M., Marsico, Eliane T., Cruz, Adriano G., Esmerino, Erick A.

  19. Human-elephant coexistence challenges in Myanmar: an analysis of fatal elephant attacks on humans and elephant mortality

    Contributor(s): Zaw, Min Thant, May, R., Roskaft, E.

  20. How meeting with the horse may contribute to a balanced life: Co-constructing a project-based leisure

    Contributor(s): Payette, Benoît, Chrétien, Lise