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  1. Multivariate Analyses of the Activity Pattern and Behavior of the Lesser Anteater on Open and Closed Days at Córdoba Zoo, Argentina

    Contributor(s): Chiapero, Florencia, Ferrari, Héctor Ricardo, Prieto, María Valentina, Capocasa, María Constanza García, Busso, Juan Manuel

  2. Associations between On-farm Welfare, Milk Production, and Reproductive Performance in Dairy Herds in Northwestern Spain

    Contributor(s): Bugueiro, Ana, Fouz, Ramiro, Diéguez, Francisco J.

  3. Exploring the Impact of Specially Trained Dogs on the Court Experiences of Sexual Offence Survivors in England and Wales: An Exploratory Case Study

    Contributor(s): Spruin, E., Mozova, K., Dempster, T., Mitchell, S.

  4. Trouble dans le genre: le rhinocéros est un oiseau! Les débuts islamiques de l'anthropozoologie

    Contributor(s): D'Arcy, Guillaume De Vaulx


  5. Third time's the charm or three strikes you're out? An updated review of the efficacy of dolphin-assisted therapy for autism and developmental disabilities

    Contributor(s): Marino, L., Lilienfeld, S. O.

  6. Rubber net mesh reduces scale loss during routine handling of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

    Contributor(s): Powell, A.

    2021Animal Welfare30119-2410.7120/09627286.30.1.019text

  7. Public perceptions of undercover investigations in livestock farming: An end that justifies the means?

    Contributor(s): Schulze, M., Risius, A., Spiller, A.

    2021Animal Welfare30139-4710.7120/09627286.30.1.039text

  8. Platelet abnormalities and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratios in canine immunosuppressant-responsive and non-responsive enteropathy: a retrospective study in 41 dogs

    Contributor(s): Pierini, A., Esposito, G., Gori, E., Benvenuti, E., Ruggiero, P., Lubas, G., Marchetti, V.

  9. Les catégories zoologiques dans le Kitāb al-ḥayawān d'Al-Ğāḥiẓ (776-868)

    Contributor(s): Aarab, Ahmed


  10. Keel-bone fractures are associated with bone quality differences in laying hens

    Contributor(s): Wei, H. D., Chen, Y. J., Zeng, X. Y., Bi, Y. J., Wang, Y. N., Zhao, S., Li, J. H., Li, X., Zhang, R. X., Bao, J.

    2021Animal Welfare30171-8010.7120/09627286.30.1.071text

  11. Human-dog relationships as a working framework for exploring human-robot attachment: a multidisciplinary review

    Contributor(s): Krueger, F., Mitchell, K. C., Deshpande, G., Katz, J. S.

  12. Histoire de la petite mangouste indienne Urva auropunctata (Hodgson, 1836) dans les Antilles: une introduction aux conséquences sociétales et écologiques majeures

    Contributor(s): Lorvelec, Olivier, Yvon, Tristan, Lenoble, Arnaud


  13. Evaluation of consistency over time of the use of the Animal Welfare Indicators protocol for horses

    Contributor(s): Czycholl, I., Büttner, K., Klingbeil, P., Krieter, J.

    2021Animal Welfare30181-9010.7120/09627286.30.1.081text

  14. Erratum: Gravrok, J., et al. Beyond the Benefits of Assistance Dogs: Exploring Challenges Experienced by First-Time Handlers. Animals 2019, 9, 203

    Contributor(s): Gravrok, J., Bendrups, D., Howell, T., Bennett, P.

  15. Editorial: Perceptions of Human-Animal Relationships and Their Impacts on Animal Ethics, Law and Research

    Contributor(s): Pelé, M., Georges, J. Y., Matsuzawa, T., Sueur, C.

    2020Front Psychol116312381664-1078 (Print)1664-107810.3389/fpsyg.2020.631238engAnthropo-Lab, ETHICS EA7446, Lille Catholic University, Lille, France.Université de Strasbourg, CNRS, IPHC UMR 7178, Strasbourg, France.Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto, Japan.Centre...

  16. The earliest domestic cat on the Silk Road

    Contributor(s): Haruda, A. F., Ventresca Miller, A. R., Paijmans, J. L. A., Barlow, A., Tazhekeyev, A., Bilalov, S., Hesse, Y., Preick, M., King, T., Thomas, R., Härke, H., Arzhantseva, I.

  17. Donkey welfare assessment in north-east Portugal

    Contributor(s): Cruz, Z., Nóvoa, M., Leiva, B., Andrade, D., Quaresma, M.

    2021Animal Welfare30161-7010.7120/09627286.30.1.061text

  18. Development of a list of terms in Brazilian Portuguese for the Qualitative Behaviour Assessment of broiler chickens

    Contributor(s): Souza, A. P. O., Wemelsfelder, F., Taconeli, C. A., Molento, C. F. M.

    2021Animal Welfare30149-5910.7120/09627286.30.1.049text

  19. A critical review of animal-based welfare indicators for polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in zoos: Identification and evidence of validity

    Contributor(s): Skovlund, C. R., Kirchner, M. K., Moos, L. W., Alsted, N., Manteca, X., Tallo-Parra, O., Stelvig, M., Forkman, B.

    2021Animal Welfare3011-1810.7120/09627286.30.1.001text

  20. Connecting farmer mental health with cow health and welfare on dairy farms using robotic milking systems

    Contributor(s): King, M. T. M., Matson, R. D., DeVries, T. J.

    2021Animal Welfare30125-3810.7120/09627286.30.1.025text