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  1. Owner-ascribed personality profiles distinguish domestic cats that capture and bring home wild animal prey

    Contributor(s): Cecchetti, Martina, Crowley, Sarah L., McDonald, Jennifer, McDonald, Robbie A.

  2. The 3Rs principles and genetic pain disenhancement

    Contributor(s): Camenzind, S., Eggel, M.

  3. Extreme life histories are associated with altered social behavior and cortisol levels in shelter dogs

    Contributor(s): Buttner, Alicia Phillips, Strasser, Rosemary

  4. Is pet ownership associated with values and attitudes towards animals?

    Contributor(s): Busch, G., Schütz, A., Hölker, S., Spiller, A.

  5. Drinking behavior of dairy cows under commercial farm conditions differs depending on water trough design and cleanliness

    Contributor(s): Burkhardt, Franziska Katharina, Hayer, Jason Jeremia, Heinemann, Céline, Steinhoff-Wagner, Julia

  6. Segmenting wildlife value orientations to mitigate human - wildlife conflict for ecotourism development in protected areas

    Contributor(s): Birendra, K. C., Min, JihYe, Serenari, C.

  7. Relationships among morphological, environmental, social factors and aggressive profiles in Brazilian pet dogs

    Contributor(s): Ayrosa, Flavio, Savalli, Carine, Albuquerque, Natalia, Resende, Briseida

  8. Media content analysis of human-predator interaction in IndonesiaAnalisis konten pemberitaan interaksi manusia-satwa predator di Indonesia

    Contributor(s): Ardiantiono,, Alfarisi, A. M., Ishaq, Y., Wijaya, R., Septian, R., Hadi, A. N., Surya, R. A., Rahmi, T.

  9. Preliminary study on the application of robotic herding to manipulation of grazing distribution: Behavioral response of cattle to herding by an unmanned vehicle and its manipulation performance

    Contributor(s): Anzai, Hiroki, Sakurai, Hina

  10. Testing artificial nestbox designs for in-situ conservation of tamarins

    Contributor(s): Ahsmann, Judith, Price, Eluned, Griede, Tine, Wormell, Dominic

  11. Impact of social media on dealing with petsEinfluss sozialer medien auf den umgang mit heimtieren

    Contributor(s): Volker, G., Fels, M.

  12. How far should we go?

    Contributor(s): Quain, A.

    2021CompanionJuly24-262041-2487EnglishSydney School of Veterinary Science, Australia.text

  13. Where is a dog? Ethical dillemas concerning creative groomingGdzie jest pies? Dylematy etyczne dotyczaace creative grooming

    Contributor(s): Mamzer, H.

  14. Creating resilient and sociable domestic pets

    Contributor(s): Hargrave, C.

    2021CompanionOctober18-232041-2487EnglishASAB, London, UK.text

  15. The 3Rs of the animal experimentation in the mirror of the 21th century's scientific achievementsAz allatkiserletek 3R-je a XXI. szazadi tudomanyos eredmenyek tukreben

    Contributor(s): Fekete, S. G.

  16. Walking distance and maintenance energy requirements of sheep during mountain pasturing (transhumance)

    Contributor(s): Zanon, T., Gruber, M., Gauly, M.

  17. Moral decision-making in pettism: The influence of animal type, pet ownership status, and social distance

    Contributor(s): Xu, K. P., Ou, Q. Q., Luo, D. L., Shi, X. T., Li, K., Xue, H., Huang, Y. H., Turel, O., Zhang, S. Y., He, Q. H.

  18. Small animal zoonoses on the rise or under the radar

    Contributor(s): Wright, I.

  19. Dogs can discriminate between human baseline and psychological stress condition odours

    Contributor(s): Wilson, C., Campbell, K., Petzel, Z., Reeve, C.

  20. Structural changes in vegetation coincident with reseeding Elymus nutans can increase perceived predation risk of plateau pikas (Ochotona curzoniae)

    Contributor(s): Wei, Wanrong, An, Shenghui, Zheng, Qiaoyan, Qin, Mingsen, Chen, Tao