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  1. Identifying personality traits and their potential application to the management of captive forest musk deer (Moschus berezovskii)

    Contributor(s): Yang, Shuang, Zhang, Tianxiang, Li, Yimeng, Xu, Shanghua, Zhang, Meishan, Hu, Xin, Liu, Shuqiang, Hu, Defu, Wronski, Torsten

  2. Risk factors for aggressive behaviour in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris), as reported by owners in mainland China

    Contributor(s): Yang, Jingjing, Langford, Fritha, Kiddie, Jenna

  3. Behavioral patterns of yaks (Bos grunniens) grazing on alpine shrub meadows of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

    Contributor(s): Yang, Chuntao, Tsedan, Guru, Fan, Qingshan, Wang, Shulin, Wang, Zhaofeng, Chang, Shenghua, Hou, Fujiang

  4. Dog-human behavioral synchronization: family dogs synchronize their behavior with child family members

    Contributor(s): Wanser, S. H., MacDonald, M., Udell, M. A. R.

  5. A critical review of the evidence for the equivalence of canine and human compulsions

    Contributor(s): Walsh, Belinda R.

  6. Relations of Power and Nonhuman Agency: Critical Theory, Clever Hans, and Other Stories of Horses and Humans

    Contributor(s): Wadham, Helen

  7. A Pilot Study on the Contamination of Assistance Dogs' Paws and Their Users' Shoe Soles in Relation to Admittance to Hospitals and (In)Visible Disability

    Contributor(s): Vos, S. J., Wijnker, J. J., Overgaauw, P. A. M.

  8. Effect of positive tactile stimulation and prepartum milking routine training on behavior, cortisol and oxytocin in milking, milk composition, and milk yield in Gyr cows in early lactation

    Contributor(s): Ujita, Aska, El Faro, Lenira, Vicentini, Rogério Ribeiro, Pereira Lima, Maria Lucia, de Oliveira Fernandes, Leonardo, Oliveira, André Penido, Veroneze, Renata, Negrão, João Alberto

  9. Development of an ethogram for hutch-housed dairy calves and determination of factors influencing their behaviour

    Contributor(s): Ugwu, Nnenna, Love, Emma, Murrell, Jo, Whay, Helen R., Knowles, Toby, Hockenhull, Jo

  10. Assessment of mobility and pain in broiler chickens with identifiable gait defects

    Contributor(s): Tahamtani, Fernanda M., Herskin, Mette S., Foldager, Leslie, Murrell, Jo, Sandercock, Dale A., Riber, Anja B.

  11. Access to chewable materials during lactation affects sow behaviour and interaction with piglets

    Contributor(s): Swan, Kirsi-Marja, Telkänranta, Helena, Munsterhjelm, Camilla, Peltoniemi, Olli, Valros, Anna

  12. Two assays of working memory in companion dogs: The holeboard and disappearing object tasks

    Contributor(s): Smith, Melissa, Murrell, Joanna C., Mendl, Michael

  13. Characteristics associated with behavior problems in Brazilian dogs

    Contributor(s): Savalli, Carine, Albuquerque, Natalia, Vasconcellos, Angélica S., Ramos, Daniela, de Mello, Fernanda T., Serpell, James A.

  14. Duration of phase II of labour negatively affects maternal behaviour and lamb viability in wool-type primiparous ewes under extensive rearing

    Contributor(s): Regueiro, Mariel, López-Mazz, Carlos, Jorge-Smeding, Ezequiel, Baldi, Fernando, Banchero, Georgget

  15. Threshold values to discriminate grazing activity of dairy cows by an uni-axial accelerometer as affected by grazing season and herbage mass

    Contributor(s): Piña, Luis F., Balocchi, Oscar A., Keim, Juan P., Pulido, Rubén G., Rosas, Felipe

  16. Characterization of swine behavior and production using measurements collected via indoor positioning system

    Contributor(s): Perisho, Shaun, Hajnal, Alen

  17. Subjective methods of quantifying temperament in heifers are indicative of physiological stress

    Contributor(s): Parham, Jamie T., Blevins, Sarah R., Tanner, Amy E., Wahlberg, Mark L., Swecker, William S., Lewis, Ronald M.

  18. Pup rearing: The role of mothers and allomothers in free-ranging domestic dogs

    Contributor(s): Pal, S. K., Roy, S., Ghosh, B.

  19. Identification of specific call types produced by pre-weaning gilts in response to isolation

    Contributor(s): Olson, Mariah J., Creamer, Maggie, Horback, Kristina M.

  20. Negative correlation of suckling behaviour and foal weight gain during the first week after birth

    Contributor(s): Ninomiya, Shigeru, Mita, Tomoe, Nagamune, Sae, Shimizu, Chieko, Fukano, Yuya, Sato, Fumio