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  1. Subjective methods of quantifying temperament in heifers are indicative of physiological stress

    Contributor(s): Parham, Jamie T., Blevins, Sarah R., Tanner, Amy E., Wahlberg, Mark L., Swecker, William S., Lewis, Ronald M.

  2. Pup rearing: The role of mothers and allomothers in free-ranging domestic dogs

    Contributor(s): Pal, S. K., Roy, S., Ghosh, B.

  3. Identification of specific call types produced by pre-weaning gilts in response to isolation

    Contributor(s): Olson, Mariah J., Creamer, Maggie, Horback, Kristina M.

  4. Negative correlation of suckling behaviour and foal weight gain during the first week after birth

    Contributor(s): Ninomiya, Shigeru, Mita, Tomoe, Nagamune, Sae, Shimizu, Chieko, Fukano, Yuya, Sato, Fumio

  5. Indication that the presence of older conspecifics reduces agonistic behaviour in piglets at weaning

    Contributor(s): Morrone, Beatrice, Bernardino, Thiago, Tatemoto, Patricia, Rodrigues, Frederico Augusto Mazzocca Lopes, de Moraes, José Evandro, da Cruz, Thiago Dorsa Almeida, Zanella, Adroaldo José

  6. Searching where the treasure is: on the emergence of human companion animal partnership (HCAP)

    Contributor(s): Miklósi, Á, Abdai, J., Temesi, A.

  7. Dances with dogs: interspecies play and a case for sympoietic enactivism

    Contributor(s): Merritt, M.

  8. Effect of milk allowance on the suitability of automated behavioural and physiological measures as early disease indicators in calves

    Contributor(s): Lowe, Gemma L., Sutherland, Mhairi A., Waas, Joseph R., Cox, Neil R., Schaefer, Allan L., Stewart, Mairi

  9. Consistent behavioural responses to heatwaves provide body condition benefits in rangeland sheep

    Contributor(s): Leu, Stephan T., Quiring, Katrin, Leggett, Keith E. A., Griffith, Simon C.

  10. Social proximities of developing gorilla males (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in European zoos: The consequences of castration and social composition

    Contributor(s): Létang, Benoit, Mulot, Baptiste, Alerte, Vanessa, Bionda, Thomas, Britton, Lisa, ter Meulen, Tjerk, Szánthó, János, Guéry, Jean-Pascal, Sueur, Cédric

  11. The influence of sex, rearing history, and personality on abnormal behaviour in zoo-housed bonobos (Pan paniscus)

    Contributor(s): Laméris, Daan W., Staes, Nicky, Salas, Marina, Matthyssen, Steffi, Verspeek, Jonas, Stevens, Jeroen M. G.

  12. Behaviour of Beetal does and bucks at linear vs. hexagonal feeder with special reference to homologous regrouping

    Contributor(s): Kaur, Gurpreet, Kaswan, Sandeep, Singla, Mandeep, Sharma, Amit, Lamba, Jaspal Singh

  13. Phenotypic and genomic analyses of agonistic interactions in laying hen lines divergently selected for feather pecking

    Contributor(s): Iffland, Hanna, Schmid, Markus, Preuß, Siegfried, Bessei, Werner, Tetens, Jens, Bennewitz, Jörn

  14. Developing and validating attention bias tools for assessing trait and state affect in animals: A worked example with Macaca mulatta

    Contributor(s): Howarth, Emmeline R. I., Kemp, Caralyn, Thatcher, Harriet R., Szott, Isabelle D., Farningham, David, Witham, Claire L., Holmes, Amanda, Semple, Stuart, Bethell, Emily J.

  15. Development of existing scoring systems to assess behavioural coping in shelter cats

    Contributor(s): Hirsch, Elin Netti, Andersson, Maria, Loberg, Jenny, Lidfors, Lena Maria

  16. Long-term behavioral resilience in search-and-rescue dogs responding to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

    Contributor(s): Hare, Elizabeth, Kelsey, Kathleen M., Niedermeyer, Greta M., Otto, Cynthia M.

  17. Effect of animal’s experience and rodeo procedures on behaviour of bucking horses at a large commercial rodeo in Canada

    Contributor(s): Goldhawk, Christy, Grandin, Temple, Pajor, Ed

  18. How to train your wildlife: A review of predator avoidance training

    Contributor(s): Edwards, Megan C., Ford, Caitlin, Hoy, Julia M., FitzGibbon, Sean, Murray, Peter J.

  19. Degree of affinity among dairy heifers affects access to feed supplementation

    Contributor(s): de Sousa, Karolini Tenffen, Machado Filho, Luiz Carlos Pinheiro, Bica, Gabriela Schenato, Deniz, Matheus, Hötzel, Maria José

  20. Optical flow, behaviour and broiler chicken welfare in the UK and Switzerland

    Contributor(s): Dawkins, Marian Stamp, Wang, Lawrence, Ellwood, Stephen A., Roberts, Stephen J., Gebhardt-Henrich, Sabine G.