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  1. Social Dynamics of a Newly Integrated Bachelor Group of Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus): Welfare implications

    Contributor(s): Schreier, Amy L., Readyhough, Taylor S., Moresco, Anneke, Davis, Maura, Joseph, Sharon

    2023Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science262229-2461088-8705Routledge10.1080/10888705.2021.1908141text

  2. Schema Therapy with Sheep: Animal-assisted Intervention in Schema Therapeutic Psychiatric Addiction Treatment

    Contributor(s): Schmid, Petra, Nauss, Carmen, Uhlmann, Carmen

  3. What if a Bioterrorist Attack Occurs?-A Survey on Citizen Preparedness in Aveiro, Portugal

    Contributor(s): Santos, Helena, Pinto, Maria de Lurdes, Cardoso, Luis, Rodrigues, Isilda, Coelho, Ana Claudia

  4. Comparison of the performance of German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherd Malinois in scent detection tests

    Contributor(s): Santariová, Milena, Polónyiová, Adéla, Svobodová, Ivona, Procházková, Radka, Chaloupková, Helena

  5. Stratification of Companion Animal Life Stages from Electronic Medical Record Diagnosis Data

    Contributor(s): Salt, Carina, Saito, Emi K., O'Flynn, Ciaran, Allaway, David

  6. Preventive healthcare among dogs and cats in Chile is positively associated with emotional owner-companion animal bond and socioeconomic factors

    Contributor(s): Salgado-Caxito, M., Benavides, J. A., Atero, N., Córdova-Bürhle, F., Ramos, R., Fernandez, M., Sapiente-Aguirre, C., Mardones, F. O.

  7. Community Programming for Companion Dog Retention: A Survey of Animal Welfare Organizations

    Contributor(s): Russo, Amanda, Dowling-Guyer, Seana, McCobb, Emily

    2023Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science262117-1311088-8705Routledge10.1080/10888705.2020.1869551text

  8. An examination of visually impaired individuals’ communicative negotiation of face threats

    Contributor(s): Romo, Lynsey K., Alvarez, Cimmiaron, Taussig, Melissa J.

  9. 'Because they are a part of life:' Children's ideas about the welfare, rights, and protection of animals and ecosystems

    Contributor(s): Roma, Renata, Tardif-Williams, Christine, Bosacki, Sandra

  10. The Effects of Choice-Based Design and Management on the Behavior and Space Use of Zoo-Housed Amur Tigers (Panthera tigris altaica)

    Contributor(s): Ritzler, Charles P., Lukas, Kristen E., Bernstein-Kurtycz, Laura M., Koester, Diana C.

    2023Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science262256-2691088-8705Routledge10.1080/10888705.2021.1958684text

  11. Secure Attachment to Mother and Children’s Psychological Adjustment: The Mediating Role of Pet Attachment

    Contributor(s): Ribera, Laura Badenes, Longobardi, Claudio, Prino, Laura Elvira, Fabris, Matteo Angelo

  12. Behavioral and Physical Development of Captive–Born Eastern Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis michaeli) Calves

    Contributor(s): Renner, Michael J., Kohn, Katelyn, Olds, June E., Freeman, Kayla

    2023Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science26129-381088-8705Routledge10.1080/10888705.2021.1912606text

  13. Child sexual abuse survivors: Differential complex multimodal treatment outcomes for pre-COVID and COVID era cohorts

    Contributor(s): Reeson, Matthew, Polzin, Wanda, Pazderka, Hannah, Agyapong, Vincent, Greenshaw, Andrew J., Hnatko, Gary, Wei, Yifeng, Szymanski, Laurie, Silverstone, Peter H.

  14. Factors Contributing to the Satisfaction of Animal Shelter Volunteers: The Importance of Voice

    Contributor(s): Reese, Laura A., Jacobs, Jacquelyn, Grebey, Tessa

    2023Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science262132-1461088-8705Routledge10.1080/10888705.2021.1874953text

  15. Data-Driven Intelligent Feeding System for Pet Care

    Contributor(s): Ravi, Ghimire, Choi,, Jae, Weon

  16. A simple collar can make all the difference: a practical solution to a potentially serious equine welfare problem

    Contributor(s): Randle, H., Dennis, A.

  17. Woeful Walks? Dog Walking Not Associated with Mindfulness or Loneliness in Australians Living Alone During a COVID-19 Lockdown

    Contributor(s): Qian Lau, Rachel Rou, Oliva, Jessica Lee

  18. Motivation of Portuguese-Speaking Pet Owners Seeking Online Pet Health and Husbandry Information

    Contributor(s): Prata, Joana C.

  19. Susceptibility of domestic and companion animals to SARS-CoV-2: a comprehensive review

    Contributor(s): Pourbagher-Shahri, Ali Mohammad, Mohammadi, Gholamreza, Ghazavi, Hamed, Forouzanfar, Fatemeh

  20. Management of contraception and unwanted pregnancy of dogs raised in human settlements in the Ventanilla district, Peru

    Contributor(s): Ponte, Kyara, Leon, Daphne, Falcon, Nestor