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  1. Emergency practice and the human-animal bond

    Contributor(s): Lee, J. A.

  2. Cruelty toward cats: a different kind of abuse

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, R.

  3. Meeting societal obligations and enhancing the human-animal bond in practice

    Contributor(s): Meadows, R.

  4. Stress in human-animal relationships and its manifestations in practice

    Contributor(s): Mills, D. S.

  5. Managing separation anxiety: an evidence-based approach

    Contributor(s): Neilson, J. C.

  6. Animal-assisted intervention: a key response to our human health care crisis

    Contributor(s): Norvell, L. J.

  7. Breeding and training of guide dogs in Finland

    Contributor(s): Paatsama, S.

  8. Human-animal bond: endangered birds, the environment and the veterinarian's role

    Contributor(s): Redig, P.

  9. Understanding feline behavior and how that helps your team treat cats

    Contributor(s): Rodan, I.

  10. Unlocking the secrets of the feline psyche to relate better to cats and their owners

    Contributor(s): Rodan, I.

  11. Human animal relationship and housing: how to translate research into better standards and practice?

    Contributor(s): Roderick, S., Henriksen, B., Fossing, C., Thamsborg, S.

  12. Evaluation of the relationship between milkers and dairy cows and its effect on animal welfare

    Contributor(s): Salaberry, X., Huertas, S., Cesar, D., Piaggio, L., Gil, A.

    Animal fear towards people can be very stressful, making animal handling difficult and dangerous. The way animals are handled, absence of food, milking parlour conditions and presence of human beings constitute a special stimulus to the animal. If it is positive, fear diminishes and the capacity...

  13. Influence of approach on behavioral responses of young horses

    Contributor(s): Sankey, C., Henry, S., Clouard, C., Richard-Yris, M. A., Hausberger, M.

    Nowadays, there are very few elements on the general way to approach animals for occasional interventions. In this study, we investigated the behavioural responses of young horses to an approaching human. This study was conducted on 39 one and two year-old horses. Horses were kept in same age...

  14. Emotional components of physical problems in the equine & small animals

    Contributor(s): Schwartz, C.

  15. Pet selection counseling: finding a friend for life

    Contributor(s): Shaw, J. K.

  16. Enhancing the human animal bond through communication

    Contributor(s): Shaw, J. R., Adams, C. L.

  17. Human-animal bond and community service

    Contributor(s): Shearer, T.

  18. Bird whisperer 101

    Contributor(s): Speer, B.

  19. Pet chicken medicine and surgery

    Contributor(s): Speer, B. L.

    In this author's practice, pet chickens represent an increasing number of avian patients presented per year, as well as a growing percentage of the overall pet bird species seen and treated each year. In 2006, pet chickens represented 1.6% of overall patient accessions in this authors...

  20. Improving client - veterinarian communications: understanding what pets are trying to say

    Contributor(s): Tetrick, M. A.