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  1. The importance of animal companionship: implications for human and animal health

    Contributor(s): Beck, A. M.

  2. Veterinary Hospice - Completing the Circle of Care for Companion Animals

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s): Valarie Marie Hajek Adams

  3. End of Life Communication - Why do we find this so difficult?

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s): Valarie Marie Hajek Adams

  4. Who Is The Veterinary Hospice Team?

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s): Valarie Marie Hajek Adams

  5. EuroNICHE 10th Anniversary Conference

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Balcombe, Jonathan

  6. Teaching animal bioethics in Europe: present situation and prospects

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Marie, M., Edwards, S., Borell, E. von, Gandini, G.

    A survey was conducted in 20 European countries regarding the agricultural or veterinary higher education institutions (n=106) delivering courses in animal bioethics. Information regarding the nature of the curriculum, number and background of the teachers, pedagogic methods, and topics covered...

  7. Animal welfare: Proceedings of the Animal Welfare Sessions, 24th World Veterinary Congress, Rio de Janeiro, 1991

    Conference Proceedings

    Probably as a sign of the times, the World Veterinary Association's Animal Welfare Committee has published its conference proceedings for the first time. The papers cover the topic from most angles: ethology, legislation, laboratory animal welfare, transport of animals, public policy, human and...

  8. Animals, health and quality of life: professional development forum.

    Conference Proceedings

  9. Animals, health and quality of life: abstract book

    Conference Proceedings

  10. Current work on appropriate livestock management 2000. Lectures given at the 32nd International Workshop on Applied Ethology of Livestock by the Deutschen Veterinarmedizinischen Gesellschaft e. V. (Behavioural Studies Group), 9-11 November 2000, Frei

    Conference Proceedings

    The papers presented in these proceeding are grouped into sections on: reactions to stressful situations; human animal relationships; and miscellaneous topics. Most of the papers are on cattle and pigs: there is one on cortisol measurement in faeces of all domestic species, one on group size of...

  11. Veterinary business strategies and the human-animal bond: why pet welfare issues are in everyone's best interest

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Ackerman, L.

  12. Horses as healers

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Adams, C. L.

  13. Challenges of service dog ownership

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Adams, C. L.

  14. Bereavement, pet loss and deceased body presentation: pet euthanasia and helping owners deal with grief

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Brown, C.

    This article describes the role of the veterinarian in helping pet owners make decisions on euthanasia and on coping with the loss of their pets.

  15. Our role in the human/animal bond and promotion of human health and well being

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Bustad, L. K., Hines, L. M.

  16. Non-human primate behavior

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Calle, P. P.

  17. Making the visit to the veterinarian a positive experience for all

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Curtis, T. M.

  18. Human-directed feline aggression

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Curtis, T. M.

  19. Good-byes, grieving, and growing: grief - the role of pets in the family

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Dias, J.

  20. Improve patient care and increase revenues by working with specialists

    Conference Proceedings | Contributor(s): Donnelly, A. L.

    Pet owners in many communities today have access to specialized, high-quality medical care that previously was only available at a university veterinary teaching hospital. In part, this is due to the migration of veterinary specialists from the academic setting into private practice. As the...