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  1. Animal-Assisted Interventions with Dogs: A Review of the Current Literature

    Contributor(s): Doney, Emma

  2. Transformations of Animal Materials in Early Greece

    Contributor(s): DiBattista, Adam

  3. Effect of Human-Animal Interactions on Retail Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Job Performance

    Contributor(s): Davis, Michelle E.

  4. Understanding Therapy Dogs: The Underlying Components of Their Relationship with Owners, Their Physiology, and How They Compare to Pet and Service Dogs

    Contributor(s): Cunningham, Kristen M.

  5. Correctional Education as Therapeutic Change: Exploring the Use of Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs with Incarcerated Women

    Contributor(s): Ciez, Terrie

  6. Hurricane Survivors' Attitudes regarding the Therapeutic Benefits of Animals

    Contributor(s): Callwood, Tina

  7. A Qualitative Exploration of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in Collegiate Equestrian Competitors

    Contributor(s): Brooks, Jeanne M.

  8. Alienation, Modernization, and Animal Welfare: Human-Animal Relationships at the Farm, State, and Country Levels

    Contributor(s): Briscoe, Michael D.

  9. Effects of Human-Animal Interactions with Companion Animals on Stress and Anxiety in Nursing Students

    Contributor(s): Ballenger, Karen Elizabeth

  10. Prophecies of Palestine: Geology and Intimate Knowledge of the Subterranean

    Contributor(s): Assali, Hadeel

  11. Provider Perspectives of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Social Skills

    Contributor(s): Young, Rachel

  12. Hyperanimals: Framing Livestock and Climate Change in Danish Imaginaries

    Contributor(s): Winter, Drew Robert

  13. Impacts of Tourism on the Ecophysiology of the Endangered Northern Bahamian Rock Iguana (Cyclura Cychlura)

    Contributor(s): Webb, Alison C.

  14. Exploring the Effectiveness of Equine Assisted Learning on Service Members Diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and/or Traumatic Brain Injury

    Contributor(s): Waun, Deborah A.

  15. The Relationship Between Time Spent in Nature, Time Spent with Animals, and Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression in a Recently Traumatized Population

    Contributor(s): Ward, Nicole

  16. The Impact of an Animal-Assisted Intervention Using Certified Therapy Dogs on Psychological and Physiological Measures of Pre-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Student Test Anxiety

    Contributor(s): Walker, Cristen

  17. Bison, Bears, and Borders: Animals and the Performance of National Communities

    Contributor(s): Tregar, Kristen Lauren

  18. The Efficacy of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Reducing Aggression and Non-compliance in Children with Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders: A School-Based Intervention

    Contributor(s): Thorne, Irina

  19. Understanding the Experiences of Elderly Bereaved Men and the Bond with Their Pets

    Contributor(s): Thompson, Monique C.

  20. Technological Choice and Human-Animal Relationships: A Bird’s Eye View from the Rat Islands, Alaska

    Contributor(s): Taivalkoski, Ariel