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  1. Caring and Killing: Care Labor and Feminist Ethics in the Animal Research Laboratory

    Contributor(s): Warren, Caroline

  2. The (Im)Mediate Animal: Interspecies Entanglements in Early Enlightenment Transactions

    Contributor(s): Venters, Scott Anthony

  3. The Effects of Bonding with a Canine on Bereavement Following the Loss of a Family Member

    Contributor(s): Turab, Mahwish A.

  4. Species and Psyche: Anthropomorphism and Environmentalism in Human-Animal Metafiction

    Contributor(s): Surendranathan, Hema

  5. Emotional Support Dogs’ Effects on Anxiety, Depression, and Somatization in Elementary Students

    Contributor(s): Spring, Truman

  6. The Communicative Constitution of Environment: Land, Weather, Climate

    Contributor(s): Smithberger, Leanna K.

  7. Best Practices for Non-Profit Organizations Using Human-Aminal Interaction as an Intervention with At-Risk Youth

    Contributor(s): Sly, Jai Oni

  8. Animal Assisted Interventions in Schools: A Qualitative Case Study of How Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities Respond to the Use of Therapy Dogs

    Contributor(s): Shiverdecker, Kathleen Hartman

  9. Animal-Assisted Therapy: A Qualitative Study

    Contributor(s): Schmell, Sophie S.

  10. An Analysis of the Impact of the Presence of a Therapy Dog on Student Behavior in a Special Education Middle School Classroom

    Contributor(s): Schimming, Dena

  11. Investigating the Effects of Emotional Support Animals on Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Phenomenological Approach

    Contributor(s): Saunders, Alexa

  12. Counselor Experiences with Clients Who Bring Emotional Support Animals to Sessions

    Contributor(s): Reynolds, Jennifer

  13. The Benefits of Integrating an Assistance Dog with Military Chaplain Corps Services at the 169th Fighter Wing, McEntire Joint National Guard Base, South Carolina

    Contributor(s): Pittman, Christina Pryor

  14. Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy for Children with Special Needs

    Contributor(s): Montalbano, Ana Leasa

  15. Investigating Human-Animal Interactions in Homes of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Mixed Methods Approach

    Contributor(s): Lisk, Caitlin R.

  16. The Scientific Advancement of Two Nature-Based Interventions for People with Dementia: Adaptive Riding and Adaptive Gardening

    Contributor(s): Lassell, Rebecca K. F.

  17. Pets in the Pandemic: How Pets Can Improve Mental Health During Covid-19

    Contributor(s): Lang, Katherine Blair

  18. Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.®) & Literacy: Using Animal Assisted Education with English Learners in the Elementary School Classroom

    Contributor(s): Kelly, Tara Jayne

  19. How Adults with Ptsd Described the Effects of Their Emotional Support Animals: a Qualitative Descriptive Study

    Contributor(s): Fankhauser, Lori Lee

  20. Into the Breach: Toward an Interspecies Politics

    Contributor(s): Dubeau, Mathieu