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  1. A comparison of personality variables of pet owners and non-pet owners

    Contributor(s): Chouinard, Betsy Ellen

  2. A comparison of the frequency of occurrence of stereotypic behaviors demonstrated by a youth with autism during two recreation activities: Horseback riding and board game play

    Contributor(s): Brekke, Philip J.

  3. A comparison of the human grief reaction: Focusing on pet loss and bereavement

    Contributor(s): Jarolmen, Josephine JoAnn

  4. A Comparison of Three Animal Welfare Assessment Programs on Canadian Swine Farms

    Contributor(s): Ashley Nicole Roberts

    Standard measures used in animal welfare assessments include animal-based measures obtained by observing animals, resource-based measures obtained by observing facilities, and management-based measures obtained by interviewing farmers and checking records. Animal welfare assessments are composed...

  5. A Compassionate Curriculum Utilizing a Guinea Pig to Help Students Develop Empathy, Responsibility, and Positive Social Interactions

    Contributor(s): Sinno, Nadia

  6. A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Communication between Veterinarian and Client: From a Terminal Diagnosis to an End-of-life Discussion

    Contributor(s): Victoria Thomas

    During the end of a pet’s life its owner is often in emotional turmoil over how to feel and what to do. A veterinarian can alleviate some of this grief by effectively communicating during a terminal diagnosis and end-of-life discussion. Effective communication includes acknowledging the...

  7. A confirmatory factor analysis of the Lexington attachment to pets scale

    Contributor(s): Tracy Leigh Zaparanick

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent to which the word “pet” provided valid results in the Lexington Attachment to Pets Scale (LAPS) (Johnson, Garrity, & Stallones, 1992). A multiple-groups confirmatory factor analysis, using maximum likelihood (ML) estimation, was conducted to...

  8. A description of the movement of the canine pelvic limb in three dimensions using an inverse dynamics method, and a comparison of two techniques to surgically repair a cranial cruciate ligament deficient stifle

    Theses | Contributor(s): Jason Headrick, Darryl Millis

    The purposes of the dissertation were: 1) to describe three-dimensional (3D) motion of the canine pelvic limb using an inverse dynamics method, and 2) to compare these motion patterns between normal, healthy dogs and those that have had their stifles stabilized by one of two surgical methods...

  9. A descriptive study of the relation between domestic violence and pet abuse

    Theses | Contributor(s): Weber, Claudia Virginia

  10. A focused ethnographic study of women in recovery from alcohol abuse

    Theses | Contributor(s): Robbins, Leslie K.

  11. A Frightful - but Not Necessarily Fatal - Madness: Rabies in Eighteenth Century England and English North America

    Theses | Contributor(s): Blaisdell, John Douglas

  12. A human-animal intervention team model in an alternative middle/high school

    Theses | Contributor(s): Wicker, Judith D.

  13. A influência da relação entre homem e animais no aprendizado de zoologia

    Theses | Contributor(s): Ricardo Cardoso Leite

    Este trabalho investiga como a relação entre homem e animal pode influenciar no aprendizado de Zoologia. Foram testadas três hipóteses: quanto maior a afinidade de uma pessoa pelos animais maior é o seu aprendizado; quanto mais contato a pessoa tem com a natureza...

  14. A interação humano-animal e o uso de homeopatia em bovinos de leite

    Theses | Contributor(s): Luciana Aparecida Honorato

    Um fator importante para o bem-estar de animais de produção é a forte interação humano-animal decorrente do processo de produção, que por sua vez, é norteada pelas atitudes dos humanos em relação aos animais. O objetivo deste...

  15. A Manual and Curriculum for the Use of Service Dogs to Support the Social Communication, Behavior, and Academic Development of Students with Autism and Other Disabilities

    Theses | Contributor(s): Kerry Kosmicki

    The product for this project is a curriculum for using service dogs in the classroom as a catalyst for improving social communication, behavioral, and academic skills for students, with a focus upon students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This manual includes the curriculum entitled...

  16. A mixed methods exploratory study of alleged telepathic interspecies communication with domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)

    Theses | Contributor(s): Erickson, Deborah L.

  17. A multidimensional study linking empathy and violence to animal intervention

    Theses | Contributor(s): Crespo, Margaret Beth

  18. A multimodal investigation of the use of animal assisted therapy in a clinical interview

    Theses | Contributor(s): Blender, Jennifer Amy

  19. A narrative exploration of the meaning of companion animals throughout the lives of non-institutionalized elderly widows living alone

    Theses | Contributor(s): Teresa Angela Stokowski

    The purpose of this study was to explore the meaning of companion animals throughout the lives of non-institutionalized elderly widows living alone. Three widows ranging in age from 70 to 85 were recruited from friends and acquaintances for participation in this study. The meaning of companion...

  20. A natural history study of Bufo a. americanus, the eastern American toad, and the phenology of spring breeders in southwest West Virginia

    Theses | Contributor(s): Tomi Maria Bergstrom

    Natural history traits have not been thoroughly collected and analyzed on the ―common hoptoad, Bufo a. americanus (eastern American toad) in West Virginia. Updating natural history information is important to understand the present population status (Jackson, 2001). I chose to have two study...