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  1. Animals and Disasters

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s): Sebastian E. Heath

    This presentation looks at disasters and their implications on pet owners and pets. It includes information regarding pet abandonment, pet rescue, and evacuation failure.

  2. Invasive species in Indiana - updates and opportunities

    Contributor(s): Ellen Jacquart

    Topics:- Invasive species overview- Indiana Invasive Species Council update- Best Management Practices project- Cooperative Weed Management Areas

  3. Working the companion animal in the context of new interpersonal relationships

    Contributor(s): Steven Remic

    The National People and Pets Survey (Australian Companion Animal Council, 2010)◦ 63.3% of Australian households owned a pet◦ 92% of respondents felt “very close” to their pet◦ 86% of respondents found comfort with their pet during times of stress,◦ 62% of respondents felt their pet made for a...

  4. Human-animal interactions at zoological institutions

    Contributor(s): Christopher J. Marion

    A slide deck on the subject of human-animal interactions at zoological institutions

  5. Animal welfare in AAI

    Contributor(s): John New

  6. Spiritual issues in animal loss

    Contributor(s): Lora Kim Joyner

  7. An overview of current knowledge and trends: The link between human and animal violence

    Contributor(s): Phil Arkow

  8. Animal Being: A mindful approach to human and animal connection

    Contributor(s): Elizabeth B. Strand

  9. Attachment style and pet bonds

    Presentations | Contributor(s): Cory Hutchinson

    The purpose of the present study is to examine the relation between a person’s attachment style and their relationship with their pet. Attachment Theory suggests that how an individual attaches to one or both parents in childhood can become the working model for future adult relationships....

  10. Furry friends, neglect, and social support: an examination of pet attachment and its predictors

    Presentations | Contributor(s): Cory Hutchinson, Lindsey Ward, Kelsy Newton

    The purpose of this study was to research the relationship of stuffed animal and pet attachment to neglect and social support. A positive correlation has been found between pet attachment and dissociation (Brown & Katcher, 2001). While many studies have looked at predictors of pet attachment,...

  11. Public health confronts the children, the hamster, and the goat

    Presentations | Contributor(s): W. John Pape

    John Pape is an Epidemiologist with the Communicable Disease Epidemiology Program, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. This slide-show presents facts and images relating to Zoonoses: diseases of animals transmissible to humans under natural conditions. The characteristics of...

  12. Aggressive man and aggressive beast

    Presentations | Contributor(s): Allen W. Stokes

    Whether man can live in harmeny with his environment depends in great measure en his ability to' live with his fellew man. Can man learn to' engineer human seciety in time to' prevent a helecaust? Mere specifically, can we learn to' prevent aggressien er to' channel it harmlessly? The ethelegist...