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  1. Harvesting Buck for Recreation: How Wildlife Conservation Officers Interact with Hunted Animals

    Contributor(s): Lawson, Helene

  2. "Free the Animals!": Animal Rights Activists as Moral Entrepreneurs

    Contributor(s): Lowe, Brian

  3. Piercing the Veil: Undermining Legitimacy and Status

    Contributor(s): Lowe, Brian

  4. When Do Social Movements Win? Three Campaigns against Animal Experiments

    Contributor(s): Nelkin, Dorothy, Poulsen, Jane

  5. Children's Attribution of Needs and Feelings to Virtual Pets: Does Gender Matter?

    Contributor(s): Osborn, Elizabeth

  6. Proper Names and the Social Construction of Biography: The Case of Laboratory Animals

    Contributor(s): Phillips, Mary

  7. Howlin' Mad, Howlin' Glad: Conflicting Social Constructions of the Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction

    Contributor(s): Scarce, Rik

  8. Tradition and Modernity in the Gender-Based Distribution of Household Work in Hungary

    Contributor(s): Benko, Zsuzsanna, Tarko, Klara, Lippai, Laszlo, Erdei, Katalin

  9. Social Frames of Ethics in the Scientific Practices of Life-Sciences

    Contributor(s): Bischur, Daniel

  10. Governing the Companions of Companion Animals

    Contributor(s): Borthwick, Fiona

  11. Conservation Schemes and the Re-Definition of Rurality

    Contributor(s): Fisher, Eleanor

  12. "Eating Animals, Making Conversion": Consumption Ceremonial as Ametaphoric Place of Social and Religious Transformation

    Contributor(s): Lowgrand, Frederik

  13. A Capabilities Approach to Animal Ethics and Sustainability Education

    Contributor(s): Matthews, Julie, Garlick, Steve

  14. A "Cat" Over a Cup of Tea? Urbanized Leisure with Animals In Japan

    Contributor(s): Niijima, Noriko

  15. Biomedical and Biotechnological Progress and Fundamental Rights

    Contributor(s): Pocar, Valerio, Dameno, Roberta, Verga, Massimiliano

  16. Social Parameters in the World of Slavic and Germanic Metaphors

    Contributor(s): Rakusan, Jaromira

  17. The Construction of a Celebrity Pet: A Case Study of Paris Hilton's Dog Tinkerbell

    Contributor(s): Redmalm, David

  18. Love and the Civilizing Process

    Contributor(s): Rundell, John

  19. Animal Rights, Animal Welfare and New Age Spirituality

    Contributor(s): Smith, R.

  20. Emotion and Interaction: The Display and Management of Emotion in the Veterinary Consultation Room

    Contributor(s): Swabe, Joanna