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  1. Animal welfare and its assessment in zoos

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    Government Documents | Contributor(s): The Zoos Forum

    The zoo community considers animal welfare to be a matter of great importance. The EC Zoos Directive (1999/22/EC) provides that animals must be accommodated under conditions which aim to satisfy the biological and conservation requirements of the individual species and, in the UK, the Secretary...

  2. Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2008

    Government Documents

    [House Report 110-901][From the U.S. Government Printing Office]This bill makes it illegal to possess, ship, transport, purchase, sell, deliver, or receive any horse with the intent that it be slaughtered for human consumption. The bill also makes it illegal to engage in the above conduct with...

  3. Public law 110–22

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    Government Documents

    To amend title 18, United States Code, to strengthen prohibitions against animal fighting, and for other purposes.

  4. The Animal Welfare Act: An overview

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    Government Documents

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) enforces the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to protect certain animals from inhumane treatment and neglect. Congress passed the AWA in 1966 in response to public concern regarding stolen pets used in laboratory research. Since 1966, the AWA has been...

  5. The horse protection act

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    Government Documents

    The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) enforces the Horse Protection Act (HPA). The HPA is a Federal law that prohibits horses subjected to a practice called soring from participating in shows, sales, exhibitions, or auctions. The HPA...

  6. 1993 Report of the AVMA: Panel on Euthanasia

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Edwin Andrews, B. Taylor Bennet, J. Derrell Clark, Katherine A. Houpt, Peter J. Pascoe, Gordon W. Robinson, John R. Boyce

    In 1992, at the request of the AVMA Council on Research, the Executive Board of the AVMA convened a Panel on Euthanasia to review and make necessary revisions to the fourth Panel Report, published in 1986.1 Since 1986, the panel has become aware of a need for additional information on some...

  7. A brief information resource on assistance animals for the disabled

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    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Kristina Adams, Stacy Rice

    Providing for the health of humans through animal interactions dates back many centuries. As an example, horseback riding is mentioned throughout history as a cure for various sicknesses including gout, neurological disorders and depression. Today, animals provide therapeutic benefits to humans...

  8. A new approach for managing Bovine Tuberculosis: veterinary services' proposed action plan

    Government Documents

    Bovine tuberculosis (TB) is a serious disease with animal health, public health, and international trade consequences. The cooperative Federal-State-industry effort to eradicate bovine TB from cattle in the United States has made significant progress since the program's inception in 1917....

  9. A Reference Source for the Recognition & Alleviation of Pain & Distress in Animals

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Richard L. Crawford

    The Animal Welfare Information Center was established under the 1985 amendments to the Animal Welfare Act (Sect. 13(e)) and is required to provide specific information to the research community. One of these requirements deals with providing information which would minimize pain and distress to...

  10. Adoption of Research Animals

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Larry Carbone

    Estimates of actual numbers of research animals used in the country vary, but one thing is obvious to most of us working in research facilities: the vast majority of these animals are euthanized when their usefulness has ended. Euthanasia is intrinsic to some projects. For example, many projects,...

  11. Animal Abuse and Youth Violence

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Frank R. Ascione

    The past two decades have witnessed a resurgence of interest in the relation between cruelty to animals, or animal abuse, and serious violent behavior, especially among youthful offenders. As an illustration, a recent study by Verlinden (2000) of 9 school shootings in the United States (from...

  12. Animal welfare delivery strategy

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    Government Documents for Environment, Food and Rural AffairsUnited Kingdom55.378051-3.43597299999999Octobertext

  13. Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Gail Laule, Jacob Casper, Sebastian Heath, Robert Linnabary, Andrej Romanovsky

    The Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter for Oct-Dec 1993. Contains "The Use of Behavioral Management Techniques to Reduce or Eliminate Abnormal Behavior" by Gail Laule, "Preparing the Farm and Farm Animals for Disasters by Jacob Casper, Sebastian E. Heath, and Robert D. Linnabary, and...

  14. Animal welfare, economics and policy

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    Government Documents

    This discussion paper ('scoping study' in Defra terminology) considers the topic of animal welfare – usually associated with ethics and moral values, or with animal science and ethology – as an explicitly economic concept. Recognising that the value of farm animals is dominated by their...

  15. Animal-assisted therapy in counseling and school settings. ERIC/CASS Digest.

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Cynthia Chandler

    Recent research and experience has demonstrated that the use of dogs as "co-therapists" may be of assistance to counselors in counseling with withdrawn and non-communicative counselees. The use of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and animal-assisted activity (AAA) may be another useful...

  16. Animal-assisted therapy in counseling and school settings. ERIC/CASS Digest.

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Chandler, Cynthia

  17. Animals on VA Property, Federal Register 2015, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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    Government Documents

    This is the Final Rule (Regulation) governing the presence of service dogs on VA property. Although federal agencies are not subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is intended to be consistent with the ADA Regulations (administered by the Department of Justice).SUMMARY: The...

  18. Anthropomorphism to Zoonoses: Two Inevitable Consequences of Human-Animal Relationships

    Government Documents | Contributor(s): Byron Breedlove, Paul M. Arguin

    Many tales portray animals that mimic human behavior and characteristics by conversing, walking erectly, dressing in clothing, and inhabiting houses. Across myriad cultures and throughout history, stories and myths that feature anthropomorphism have helped us understand and relate to the natural...

  19. Arizona Manual for Rabies Control and Bite Management

    Government Documents

    This manual is intended for use by veterinarians, animal control personnel, wildlife biologists, wildlife rehabilitators, and local health departments for rabies control purposes. These recommendations are based on the Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control; Human Rabies...

  20. c 22 Animals for Research Act

    Government Documents