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  1. Shattering Dietary Taboos in Post-Pandemic Era: Human-Animal Interaction in J. M. Coetzee's Elizabeth Costello

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Baturay Erdal

    Many conspiracy theories and worst-case scenarios have been produced about the COVID-19 pandemic. With a reductionist approach, this new coronavirus disease outbreak has been regrettably confined to the simple matter that humans are exposed to viral pathogens of certain wild animals. However,...

  2. Zoonotic causes of febrile illness in malaria endemic countries: a systematic review

    Full-text: Available

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Jo E B Halliday, Manuela Carugati, Michael E Snavely, Kathryn J Allan, Julia Beamesderfer, Georgia A F Ladbury, Deborah V Hoyle, Paul Holland, John A Crump, Sarah Cleaveland, Matthew P Rubach

    Fever is one of the most common reasons for seeking health care globally and most human pathogens are zoonotic. We conducted a systematic review to describe the occurrence and distribution of zoonotic causes of human febrile illness reported in malaria endemic countries. We included data from...

  3. Search methods that people use to find owners of lost pets

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lord, L. K., Wittum, T. E., Ferketich, A. K., Funk, J. A., Rajala-Schultz, P. J.

  4. Advising clients on toxoplasmosis

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Wright, I.

  5. Supporting four-month-old neutering of client-owned cats

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): McDonald, J., Clements, J.

    2022Veterinary Times521514-151352-9374text

  6. Indoor life for outdoor animals-reducing stress for small furries

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Chitty, J.

    2022Veterinary Times52154-4, 61352-9374text

  7. An overview of dog training and behaviour

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Todd, Z.

    2022Veterinary Ireland Journal126320-3242009-3942Englishtext

  8. Love pets, love their owners? - the transmission effect of consumers' warmth perception of pet images on B & B

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Zou, Rong, Cai, JiaJing, Wang, Ao

  9. Managing Our Relationship with Free-Roaming Cats in Zoopoland

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Schaffner, Joan E.

  10. Confluence and Implications of Cats, Coyotes, and Other Mesopredators at a Feral Cat Feeding Station

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Mitchell, Numi C., Strohbach, Michael W., Sorlien, Mariel N., Marshall, Scott N.

  11. Outdoor Cats: An Introduction

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lynn, William S., Santiago-Ávila, Francisco J., Stewart, Kristin L.

  12. Outdoor Cats: Science, Ethics, and Politics

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lynn, William S., Santiago-Ávila, Francisco J.

  13. Applying One Health to Free-Roaming Cats

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Lindenmayer, Joann M., Bays, Danielle Jo, Pesek, Julia

  14. Consider the (Feral) Cat: Ferality, Biopower, and the Ethics of Predation

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Holm, Nicholas

  15. Estimates of Domestic Cats in Urban Areas Using Interdisciplinary Science: The Washington D.C. Cat Count

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Flockhart, D. T. Tyler, Lipsey, Lauren, Herrera, Daniel J., Belsley, Justin, Decker, Samuel T., Moore, Sophie M., Robinson, Erin, Kilgour, R. Julia, Gramza, Ashley, McShea, William, Cove, Michael V., Haston, Roger, Slater, Margaret R., Bays, Danielle Jo, Boone, John D.

  16. Can I bring my pet? The space for companion animals in hospitality and tourism

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Tomassini, L.

  17. Diversity of snake rescued from residential areas in Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area, Indonesia

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Khoerunisa, I., Kusrini, M. D., Mardiasturi, A.

  18. Development of a tool to evaluate human-animal relationships to train current and future pig farmersDeveloppement d'un outil d'evaluation de la relation homme-animal pour la formation des eleveurs et futurs eleveurs de porcs

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Tallet, C., Barbier, P., Bellec, T., Boivin, X., Delion, M., Depoudent, C., Kling-Eveillard, F., Paboeuf, P., Pol, F., Ramonet, Y., Conchard, R. V. de, Villain, N., Courboulay, V.

  19. The effects of goldfish on anxiety, fear, psychological and emotional well-being of hospitalized children: A randomized controlled study

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Sarman, A., Günay, U.

  20. Care of Patients with Service or Therapy Animals

    Journal Articles | Contributor(s): Taft, L.