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  1. animalrights x
  1. Men, women and beasts: Relations to animals in Western culture

  2. Justice, Caring, and Animal Liberation

  3. "The Dog in the Lifeboat Revisited": Commentary

  4. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees and the Moderate Position

  5. Response to Regan: Sentientism

  6. Souls and Sentientism

  7. Existence, Breeding, and Rights: The Use of Animals in Sports

  8. The More Things Change

  9. Reply to Comstock

  10. Prejudice and Progress in Animal and Environmental Protection

  11. Reply to Stephenson on Biomedical Research

  12. Defending a Way of Life

  13. Response: The Rights of Animals and Family Farmers

  14. Stewardship: Whose Creation Is It Anyway?

  15. The role of professionalization regarding female exploitation in the Nonhuman Animal rights movement

  16. The Framing of Animal Cruelty by Animal Advocacy Organizations

    The purpose of this research project was to explore similarities and differences in framing activity of animal cruelty by animal advocacy organizations and to fill some of the gaps within the current literature. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Humane Society of the United States, and...

  17. Corporate Responsibility, Ethics, and Animal Welfare

    Do organizations that keep wild animals in captivity owe them moral consideration? This thesis provides a historical overview of the moral consideration provided to animals and analyzes present-day philosophical writing. The representative contemporary ethical frameworks include utilitarianism,...

  18. Children's Environmental and Moral Conceptions of Protecting an Endangered Animal

  19. The Psychological Effects of Medical Research on Animal Subjects and the Ramifications for the Applicability of the Research Results

    Historically, animals have been used in medical research to bring about many of the medical breakthroughs and advances seen today. The successful studies are accompanied by numerous, often concealed, failed studies that are inapplicable to human medicine due to stress and distress changing the...

  20. Antimony: The Use, Rights, and Regulation of Laboratory Animals

    'In recent years, the problem, plight, and philosophy behind the use of animals in laboratories, schools, and industries has caused many to formulate an opinion on animal experimentation. It is simple to postulate a Monday morning quarterback philosophy - merely weigh the...