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  1. Managing long-term wellness in captive sea turtles

    Contributor(s): Wood, L. D.

  2. Animal welfare and its assossiations with farm size and stockmanship characteristics on European breeding-to-finishing pig farms

    Contributor(s): Ruckli, A. K., Dippel, S., Helmerichs, J., Hubbard, C., Munsterhjelm, C., Vermeer, H., Leeb, C.

  3. The relationships between attitudes, personal characteristics and behaviour of stockpeople on dairy goat farms

    Contributor(s): Mersmann, D., Schmied-Wagner, C., Waiblinger, S.

  4. Ageā€related differences in reasoning about the acceptability of eating animals

    Contributor(s): McGuire, Luke, Fry, Emma, Palmer, Sally, Faber, Nadira S.

  5. Psychometric validation of the Brazilian Version of the Pet Attachment Questionnaire (PAQ): An examination of predictors of attachment styles among cat owners

    Contributor(s): Luchesi, Suzana Helena, Machado, Daiana Souza, Trindade, Pedro Henrique Esteves, Mikulincer, Mario, Otta, Emma

  6. Play and welfare in domestic cats: Current knowledge and future directions

    Contributor(s): Henning, J. S. L., Fernandez, E. J., Nielsen, T., Hazel, S.

  7. Spatial behaviour of dairy cows is affected by lameness

    Contributor(s): Frondelius, Lilli, Van Weyenberg, Stephanie, Lindeberg, Heli, Van Nuffel, Annelies, Maselyne, Jarissa, Pastell, Matti

  8. Flight capacity and human aversion in captive Amazon parrots: Related factors and the effects of pre-releasing training

    Contributor(s): Franzone, Victor, Ramos, Gabriela de Araújo Porto, de Lima Kascher, Larissa Kelmer, de Azevedo, Cristiano Schetini, Sant’Anna, Aline Cristina

  9. Bridging the global-local animal-based tourism divide

    Contributor(s): Fennell, D. A.

    2022Annals of Tourism Research960160-738310.1016/j.annals.2022.103459EnglishDepartment of Geography & Tourism Studies, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 3A1, Canada.dfennell@brocku.catext

  10. Goats are able to adapt to virtual fencing; A field study in commercial goat herds on Norwegian farms

    Contributor(s): Eftang, Silje, Vas, Judit, Holand, Øystein, Bøe, Knut Egil

  11. Early life environment and adult enrichment: Effects on fearfulness in laying hens

    Contributor(s): Dumontier, Lucille, Janczak, Andrew M., Smulders, Tom V., Moe, Randi O., Vas, Judit, Nordgreen, Janicke

  12. Welfare and management practices of free-ranging yaks (Bos grunniens) in Bhutan

    Contributor(s): Dorji, N., Derks, M., Groot Koerkamp, P. W. G., Bokkers, E. A. M.

  13. Discrimination of cat-directed speech from human-directed speech in a population of indoor companion cats (Felis catus)

    Contributor(s): de Mouzon, C., Gonthier, M., Leboucher, G.

  14. Is pet ownership associated with values and attitudes towards animals?

    Contributor(s): Busch, G., Schütz, A., Hölker, S., Spiller, A.

  15. Segmenting wildlife value orientations to mitigate human - wildlife conflict for ecotourism development in protected areas

    Contributor(s): Birendra, K. C., Min, JihYe, Serenari, C.

  16. Relationships among morphological, environmental, social factors and aggressive profiles in Brazilian pet dogs

    Contributor(s): Ayrosa, Flavio, Savalli, Carine, Albuquerque, Natalia, Resende, Briseida

  17. Where is a dog? Ethical dillemas concerning creative groomingGdzie jest pies? Dylematy etyczne dotyczaace creative grooming

    Contributor(s): Mamzer, H.

  18. Outcomes of Participation in a Service Dog Training Program for Veterans with PTSD

    Contributor(s): Scotland-Coogan, Diane, Whitworth, James D., Wharton, Tracy

  19. Does use of animal therapy during dental care help to reduce anxiety in children and adolescents? A systematic review

    Contributor(s): Ribeiro, Cdpv, Alves, J. B., Kominami, P. A., Takeshita Nakagawa, E., Bezerra, A. C. B., Massignan, C.

  20. The Changing Place of Non-human Animals in Finnish Society: A Visual Account

    Contributor(s): Raento, Pauliina