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  1. [Guide dogs for the blind: aspects of a special human-animal relationship in history and the present time]

    Contributor(s): Giese, C., Calabro, S.

  2. [Guide dogs--a partnership between man and beast. A German tragedy, that needs friends of animals and human beings]

    Contributor(s): Ruggeberg, A.

  3. [Human/animal relations, a long, shared history]

    Contributor(s): Vuillemenot, J. L., Cesaire, F.

  4. [Individulized care: can I bring my dog?]

    Contributor(s): Bussotti, E. A., Ribeiro Leao, E., Nascimento Chimentao, D. M., Rodrigues Silva, C. P.

  5. [Introducing animal robots in geriatric nursing. Bello's metallic barking]

    Contributor(s): Mohler, R.

  6. [It should not get even more crazy]

    Contributor(s): van Knapen, F.

  7. [Letter from a reader].... Rehabilitation (Stuttg). 2013 Dec;52(6):399-405 [German]

    Contributor(s): Wohlfarth, R., Beetz, A.

  8. [Lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, more exercise, fewer drugs. Prescribe a dog!]

  9. [Mira and autism]

  10. [More than a fixed idea]

    Contributor(s): Jost, M.

  11. [New horizons in the human-animal relationship. Therapy and assistance by the use of animals (pet therapy)]

    Contributor(s): Bonofiglio, T.

  12. [Nursing and dog assisted therapy]

  13. [Our non-humanoid contemporaries of cardiovascular protective value]

    Contributor(s): Leu, H. J.

  14. [Owner and dog: like seeks like?]

    Contributor(s): Nijman, C. J., Jansen, M. A., Endenburg, N., Knol, B. W.

  15. [Owner-dog relationships--a decade later]

    Contributor(s): Odendaal, J. S., Osterhoff, D. R.

  16. [Pet ownership and health status of pets from immunocompromised children, with emphasis in zoonotic diseases]

    Contributor(s): Abarca, V. K., Lopez Del, P. J., Pena, D. A., Lopez, G. Jc

  17. [Popcorn with Lotte. Physically disabled Sabrina gets help from an assistance dog]

    Contributor(s): Staub, A.

  18. [Quality of life and life expectancy of dogs undergoing chemotherapy for malignant lymphoma. An owner survey]

    Contributor(s): Bergmann, M., Sauter-Louis, C., Hirschberger, J.

  19. [Recent data on the interaction between a child and its family pet]

    Contributor(s): Montagner, H., Millot, J. L., Filiatre, J. C., Eckerlin, A., Gagnon, A. C.

  20. [Relationships between children and dogs, prevention of bites]

    Contributor(s): Kern, L.