The HABRI Foundation is calling for research proposals to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted activity or therapy, both for the people and the animals involved. To learn more, visit close

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  1. humananimalbond x
  1. A social predator for a companion: disruption of the human-companion animal bond: aggressive behavior in dogs

  2. A social predator for a companion: dog attack involving predation on humans

  3. A social predator for a companion: human-bear interactions: profile and perspective

  4. A social predator for a companion: separation-elicited behavior problems in dogs

  5. A sociobiological analysis of human-canine attachment in an adult population

  6. A study of owner observed behavioural and lifestyle changes in cats with musculoskeletal disease before and after analgesic therapy

  7. A survey of animal welfare needs in Soweto

  8. A survey on the question of how well veterinarians are prepared to predict their client's human-animal bond

  9. A Systematic Literature Review of Animal-Assisted Interventions in Oncology (Part I): Methods and Results

  10. A Systematic Literature Review of Animal-Assisted Interventions in Oncology (Part II): Theoretical Mechanisms and Frameworks

  11. A theoretical model for human health and the pet connection

  12. A theoretical perspective to inform assessment and treatment strategies for animal hoarders

  13. A Transformational Bond

    I create two- and three-dimensional narrative works that are inspired by memories, objects and animals that have a significant impact on my life. The work draws from a darkness that at times surrounded my childhood. Through drawing and sculpture I create an invented world that allows me to...

  14. A tribute to my best friend

  15. A veterinarian's involvement in the field of human-animal relationships

  16. AAFP and ISFM feline environmental needs guidelines

  17. AAFP and ISFM feline-friendly nursing care guidelines

  18. AAHA senior care guidelines for dogs and cats

  19. Abandoned dog becomes unexpected gift

  20. ABLEPaws


    ABLEPaws is a group of Pet Partners® (formerly Delta Society® Pet Partners®) Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAA/AAT) teams who are dedicated to improving and brightening the lives and the health of people through interaction with our pet resources. Our volunteer program...