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  1. A phenomenological investigation of the child-animal bond

  2. A phenomenological study of the relationship between award-winning 4-H alumni horsewomen and their horses

  3. A piece of my mind. Crying for my grandmother

  4. A piece of my mind. Dog pals

  5. A piece of my mind. Hounded

  6. A piece of my mind. Sammy

  7. A piece of my mind. The last of August

  8. A prayer for Tiffany... "Caring for Ms. Griffin"

  9. A prayer for Tiffany... "Caring for Ms. Griffin" (March 24)

  10. A qualitative study of caring within the human-animal bond in adults living with chronic illness

  11. A quantitative exploration into the effects of the human and animal connection

  12. A Reference Tool for Occupational Therapists to Utilize when Planning Occupation-Based Interventions Using Animal-Assisted Therapy


    The purpose of this scholarly project was to develop a reference tool for occupational therapists to implement an animal-assisted therapy (AAT) program utilizing small animals in preparatory, purposeful, and occupation-based interventions. A thorough literature review was completed using...

  13. A reflection on the ways veterinarians cope with the death, euthanasia, and slaughter of animals

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  14. A Relational Approach to The Human-Animal Bond

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  15. A reminder to show empathy to grieving pet owners

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  16. A review of the human–horse relationship

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    Despite a long history of human–horse relationship, horse-related incidents and accidents do occur amongst professional and non professional horse handlers. Recent studies show that their occurrence depend more on the frequency and amount of interactions with horses than on the level of...

  17. A shared spirit

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  18. A showcase for veterinarians: Smithsonian exhibition celebrates human-animal bond, marks 150th anniversary of AVMA

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  19. A Small Furry Prayer

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  20. A social predator for a companion: animal behavior problems: an overview

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