The HABRI Foundation is calling for research proposals to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted activity or therapy, both for the people and the animals involved. To learn more, visit close

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  1. #SaveBenjy: sexuality, queer animals, and Ireland

    This paper explores the #SaveBenjy Crowdfunder campaign to save a Charolais bull in the Republic of Ireland who expressed sexual interest only in weanling bulls and not the heifers he was expected to impregnate. The prominence and popularity of #SaveBenjy is anything but coincidental. In May...

  2. 'Animal Ethics Dilemma': an interactive learning tool for university and professional training

    'Animal Ethics Dilemma' is a freely available computer-supported learning tool ( or which has been developed primarily for veterinary undergraduates but is applicable also to students in other fields of animal science. The objectives of the computer...

  3. 'Animals Just Love You as You Are': Experiencing Kinship across the Species Barrier

  4. 'Bamboo spine' in a migration period horse from Hungary

  5. 'Battered pets': features that raise suspicion of non-accidental injury

  6. 'Battered pets': Munchausen syndrome by proxy (factitious illness by proxy)

  7. 'Battered pets': Munchausen syndrome by proxy (factitious illness by proxy)

  8. 'Beware, I am big and non-dangerous!' – Playfully growling dogs are perceived larger than their actual size by their canine audience

  9. 'Bling with bite' - the rise of status and weapon dogs

  10. 'Bloodhounds as Detectives': Dogs, slum stench and late-Victorian investigation

  11. 'Canis empathicus'? A proposal on dogs' capacity to empathize with humans

    Empathy has long attracted the attention of philosophers and psychologists, and more recently, of evolutionary biologists. Interestingly, studies suggest that empathy is a phylogenetically continuous phenomenon, ranging across animals from automatic emotional activation in response to the...

  12. 'Communication gap' on backyard chickens

  13. 'Cruelty to Animals' and Nostalgic Totality: Performance of a Travelling Circus in Britain

  14. 'Dangerous dogs' on the agenda at the FECAVA congress in Berlin

  15. 'Disgusting' animals: Primary school children's attitudes and myths of bats and spiders

  16. 'Eating Hay': The Ecology, Economy and Culture of Viliui Sakha Smallholders of Northeastern Siberia

  17. 'Emergent aliens' : on salmon, nature, and their enactment

  18. 'Flesh is the paradise of a man of flesh': cultural conflict over indian hunting beliefs and rituals in New France as recorded in The Jesuit Relations

  19. 'Flexible personhood': Loving animals as family members in Israel

  20. 'Freedom from hunger' and preventing obesity: The animal welfare implications of reducing food quantity or quality