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  1. Sexist words, speciesist roots

  2. Why animals should own their genes, and, therefore, own themselves

  3. Abortion and animal rights: are they comparable issues?

  4. Animals, property, and personhood

  5. Animals are not things

  6. Nonhuman "pain" and animal rights

  7. A legal argument against animals as property

  8. The case for animals

  9. Why the status of animals should remain as property

  10. An argument from cognitive science against increasing legal rights for animals

  11.'s what's for dinner

  12. Speciesism, racism, nationalism . . . or the power of scientific subjectivity

  13. License to kill: an ecofeminist critique of hunters' discourse

  14. Why should one reject the motion intending to remove animals from the status of property?

  15. The case for animals as the property of humans

  16. Taming ourselves or going feral? Toward a nonpatriarchal metaethic of animal liberation

  17. Property, people, or pets?


    A child can't be owned, but parents are legally responsible for their child's care. A painting and a dog can be owned; both fall under the jurisdiction of the law and in particular, property rights. But why should a dog, man's best friend, an animal with a mind and emotions, fall...

  18. The Sacrifice: How Scientific Experiments Transform Animals and People


    The Sacrifice provides a uniquely detailed account of the sociological context of animal experimentation. The authors provide a rich analysis of complex and changing role of the laboratory animal in the political and scientific culture of the United States and the United Kingdom. By...