The HABRI Foundation is calling for research proposals to investigate the health outcomes of pet ownership and/or animal-assisted activity or therapy, both for the people and the animals involved. To learn more, visit close

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  1. Owner personality and the wellbeing of their cats share parallels with the parent-child relationship

  2. Dog handlers' experiences of therapy dogs' impact on life near death for persons with dementia

  3. Conditions for pets to prevent depression in older adults

  4. Clinical Trial for Stuttering Treatment: pilot study about dog participation in the therapy session

  5. Wild Health: Dogs and Bats and Chickens, Oh My!


  6. Who Let the Dogs Out? A Legal Primer on Service Dogs in the Emergency Department

    2019J Emerg Nurs452208-2100099-176710.1016/j.jen.2018.12.015engtext

  7. Where is the real trap? Domination and mutualism in Teetl’it Gwich’in sensibilities about trapping

  8. Vegetarian, vegan, activist, radical: Using latent profile analysis to examine different forms of support for animal welfare: GPIR GPIR

  9. Transformative Relationships: Humans and Animals

  10. Tools for Managing Feline Problem Behaviours: Owner understanding and involvement

  11. Sustained Release T3 Therapy: Animal Models and Translational Applications

  12. Speciesism, generalized prejudice, and perceptions of prejudiced others: GPIR GPIR

  13. Rethinking human-animal relations: The critical role of social psychology: GPIR GPIR

  14. Responding to the problem of ‘food security’ in animal cruelty policy debates: building alliances between animal-centred and human-centred work on food system issues

  15. Political conservatism and the exploitation of nonhuman animals: An application of system justification theory: GPIR GPIR

  16. Pet dogs exhibit social preference for people who synchronize with them: what does it tell us about the evolution of behavioral synchronization?

  17. Pain, fatigue, function and participation among long-term manual wheelchair users partnered with a mobility service dog

  18. The Other Animal of Transplant's Future

  19. Incorporating animal-assisted therapy in mental health treatments for adolescents: A systematic review of canine assisted psychotherapy

  20. The Impact of a Care Recipient's Pet on the Instrumental Caregiving Experience