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  1. Pros and cons of pet ownership in sustaining independence in community-dwelling older adults: a scoping review

  2. Horse Matters: Re‐examining Sustainability through Human‐Domestic Animal Relationships

  3. Lean on me: the use of therapy animals

    2019Vet Rec18524750-7520042-490010.1136/vr.l7035engtext

  4. Animal-assisted activity improves social behaviors in psychiatrically hospitalized youth with autism

  5. Bergeyella zoohelcum isolated from oral cavities of therapy dogs

  6. Equine Assisted Therapy for Patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Series Study

  7. "Animals are friends, not food": Anthropomorphism leads to less favorable attitudes toward meat consumption by inducing feelings of anticipatory guilt

  8. Thriving through relationships: assistance dogs' and companion dogs' perceived ability to contribute to thriving in individuals with and without a disability

  9. Excluded but not forgotten: Veterinary emergency care during emergencies and disasters

  10. When walking in an outside area, shelter dogs (Canis familiaris) synchronize activity with their caregivers but do not remain as close to them as do pet dogs

  11. The Translation of Movement From the Equine to Rider With Relevance for Hippotherapy

  12. A Survey of Dog Owners' Attitudes toward Treats

  13. Significant Neuroanatomical Variation Among Domestic Dog Breeds

  14. Seizure-alerting behavior in dogs owned by people experiencing seizures

  15. The secret life of pets: The intersection of animals and organizational life

  16. Relationship Between Patient Satisfaction and the Presence of Cats in Psychiatric Wards

    2018J Altern Complement Med24121219-12201075-553510.1089/acm.2018.0263engUniversity Psychiatric Clinic (UPK), University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.Faculty of Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland.Swiss Tropical...

  17. Investigation of Physiological and Behavioral Responses in Dogs Participating in Animal-Assisted Therapy with Children Diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  18. First Reported Cases of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Companion Animals - New York, March-April 2020

  19. Extensive human presence and regular gentle handling improve growth, survival and immune competence in ostrich chicks

  20. Emotional Support Animals: Considerations for Documentation

    2020Am Fam Physician1015302-3040002-838xengSwedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency, Seattle, WA, USA.University of Washington Departments of Environmental/Occupational Health Sciences, Family Medicine, Global Health and UW Center for One Health Research, Seattle, WA,...