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  1. Childhood cruelty toward animals among criminals and noncriminals

    Contributor(s): Kellert, Stephen R., Felthous, Alan R.

  2. Human nature and culture: biology and the residue of uniqueness

    Contributor(s): Konner, Melvin

  3. The use of dog-human interaction as a reward in instrumental conditioning and its impact on dogs' cardiac regulation

    Contributor(s): Kostarczyk, Ewa

  4. Animals in children's stories

    Contributor(s): Krueger, David W., Krueger, Lauren N.

  5. Cruelty to animals and CSF 5HIAA

    Contributor(s): Kruesi, Markus J.P.

  6. Introduction

    Contributor(s): Krulisch, Lee, Mayer, Stephen, Simmonds, Richard C.

  7. Artists and beasts: sacred and sacrificed

    Contributor(s): Lager, Eric

  8. Ritual abuse: a law enforcement view or perspective

    Contributor(s): Lanning, Kenneth V.

  9. Scientist-animal bonding: some philosophical reflections

    Contributor(s): Lehman, Hugh

  10. Serial murderers: four case histories

    Contributor(s): Leibman, Faith H.

  11. Assessing children's experiences with animal cruelty: assessment, treatment, community needs, and policy considerations

    Contributor(s): Lewchanin, Shari, Randour, Mary Lou

  12. Connections drawn between child and animal victims of violence

    Contributor(s): Loar, Lynn, White, Kenneth

  13. "Cruelty": some thoughts concerning education

    Contributor(s): Locke, John

  14. The ethology and epidemiology of canine aggression

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall

  15. Counting cruelty: challenges and opportunities in assessing animal abuse and neglect in America

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall

  16. Introduction

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Ascione, Frank R.

  17. Conclusion: cruelty to animals and human violence: some unasked and unanswered questions

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Ascione, Frank R.

  18. Section 1: philosophical and historical background

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Ascione, Frank R.

  19. Section 2: Integrative reviews

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Ascione, Frank R.

  20. Section 3: Case studies, case control, and prospective research

    Contributor(s): Lockwood, Randall, Ascione, Frank R.